Just a few observations about the India sighting

indiaFirst of all, yesterday when the news broke about the sighting in India all over the UK press, it was nice to see twitter abuzz with words of hope instead of conspiracy theory and RIP attached to tweets.

But like normal, this story got turned into certain people thinking the McCanns were behind the sighting and Clarence Mitchell lied, which of course he did not.  When he spoke about authorities it could have meant Embassy staff based in India etc and when he commented on awaiting DNA results perhaps he was under the impression that DNA had been taken from the said child.

Well what a scoop it was for the Journalist, there he was sitting eating dinner and a kerfuffle broke out and he could have been at the right place and at the right time to get the scoop of a lifetime, Madeleine being found.

One thing I have noticed from his comments in the Express article and his own article was the lack of comments from those involved.  Surely if these people were at the scene as he said, he would have asked for interviews afterwards or at least get their contact details.  Why the DNA got so explosive I can’t work out, because surely coppers don’t carry around DNA kits with them and why the Police have no knowledge of the incident is yet to be determined,

But as usual, the mass hysteria started, “Kate, Gerry and Clarence are behind this sighting yet again.”, “This doesn’t do their book sales any harm.”, and so on.

Sorry folks, don’t buy it, for one simple reason, Scotland Yard and the review.

Does anybody seriously think that Scotland Yard were not involved in this?  Do they think that Scotland Yard ignored that sighting?  Of course not.  They are reviewing the case in its entirety and that includes any new evidence that may come in during the course of the review, which would include the possible sighting in India.

Do you think Kate and Gerry would be so stupid to set up a fake sighting and get caught out by Scotland Yard?  Of course they wouldn’t because they would know if they did anything like that the focus of the investigation would turn immediately back onto them and not the search for their daughter.

And do you seriously think, that Scotland Yard would ignore such a sighting?  Of course not, because if it was found out to be Madeleine, that means the case is solved and they could have saved the tax payer some of the £3.5 million allocated to them for the review.

In my opinion, a kerfuffle happened, a Journalist reported it then in usual Brit Press fashion, they probably added arms and legs to it to the extent that got everyone believing that Madeleine had been found.  Even today Madeleine sells papers and the papers are now scrambling to be the first with the news and to get the highest readership and make the most money. The feelings of her family when their hopes are dashed, and the upset stories like this cause her family, by the presses desire to print stories without proper confirmation, don’t matter just as long as they get the sales and readership.

It is only common sense that tells you, that every sighting that comes in, every new piece of evidence forwarded will be gone over with a fine tooth comb, by the review team at Scotland Yard.  The last thing Scotland Yard and the review team want is for them to look like a bunch of bungling idiots and for them to look as if the McCanns have fooled them. There is no smoking gun, there is no cover-up, there is no whitewash, all there is is a missing child who is at the heart of the review being conducted by Scotland Yard.

Just because there is no comment from Scotland Yard about this sighting, it doesn’t mean they are didn’t investigate it and it doesn’t mean they didn’t get involved.

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