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Pat-BrownWell whether it was nice or not but when anyone rambled on to my mum and never gave over she would look at them and say “For god’s sake shut your mouth and give your ass a chance.”  In other words you are talking out of your rear.

Well that is how I feel about Pat Brown and her incessant ramblings on twitter about her book being withdrawn from Amazon.

Sorry but what does this woman not understand?  Amazon have received a letter from Carter Ruck, Amazon have probably read her book, read the letter and decided the letter was correct and pulled the book.

Myself I never bothered purchasing it, I refused to feather her pocket, to be honest I think we have had enough of leaflets, books and dog bowls to last a lifetime.

Now back to the crux of the matter, you simply CAN’T write down people did this and they did this without proof.  In Jayelles rebuttal of Pat Brown’s book, she clearly shows that Pat Brown used gossip and glorified headlines in newspapers along with the inane ramblings of the likes of Tony Bennett and others and never used the actual Police Files.  Because if she had she would never have written something down that was deemed libellous and defamatory, not just in the eyes of Carter Ruck or the McCann’s but also in they eyes of Amazon.

Now cast your mind back to when Pat Brown wrote a letter to Kate McCann in which she stated this:

Your behaviors of “keeping a normal routine” and “keeping up one’s appearance” is admirable, but extremely bizarre. I don’t know any other parents of missing children who can appear so together and cheery. When my daughter cooked our kittens by accident in the dryer, I cancelled Christmas.

Now seriously notice the word kittens, that means plural, more than one.  Now I don’t know the circumstances behind that incident but it was bad enough for Pat to cancel Christmas instead of offering her daughter comfort and helping her through an experience that must have traumatised her and riddled her with guilt.

Exactly why she cancelled Christmas she doesn’t say, because she made everyone suffer not just her daughter. But one thing I would like to say is, would she like me or any other person to profile her daughter over that incident? Would she like others to write about how they think that incident could show signs of her daughter possibly being of narcissistic personality or the first signs of her being a psychopath?

Would she like me or others to put 2 and 2 together and get 5 and then tell people via an e-book the signs were all there because it was possible that Pat cancelled Christmas because her daughter might have mentioned the words “It’s only an animal” as per Pat’s post here (screenshot).

No she wouldn’t, her daughter made a tragic mistake, it cost the lives of kittens, and she will have to live with that mistake for the rest of her life.  She doesn’t deserve for people to profile her and write and sell their profile on Amazon.  She didn’t even deserve her own mother broadcasting to the world her mistake.

And just like her own daughter deserved respect, especially from her mother, so do the McCann’s, they don’t deserve to be called all the names under the sun because they take action against people who are libelling them by leaflets and books and via profiles being sold on Amazon.

They have NEVER been charged with any crime, there is NO evidence to say they played any part in the disappearance of their daughter and they DON’T deserve to be libelled and defamed just to feather the pockets of people.

They are the parents of a missing child, nobody is saying you have to agree with their actions but this continued harassment and hounding of the parents has gone to the extreme now and it is no wonder the McCann’s are taking action.  I would if I knew what was being said about me and my missing child was not true.  And so would Pat Brown is someone started to sell a profile about her daughter.

Just one more thing Pat, don’t bother complaining because I am not libelling you or defaming you or your daughter, I am asking questions, not stating facts, and it was you who put the incident into the public domain in the first place.  And surely if you complain that does make it rather hypocritical as you are claiming your freedom of speech is being denied, which of course it isn’t; what is being denied is what you think is your right to libel and defame a person.


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  1. Hi Carana, Headlines is still there, just have not renewed the domain for it on WordPress.  You can access it via http://onmyfrontporch.wordpress.com

    Yes I remember that and will post it on this blog because it was very interesting.

  2. Hi Bren.

    PB’s quote: “Your behaviors of “keeping a normal routine” and “keeping up one’s appearance” is admirable, but extremely bizarre. I don’t know any other parents of missing children who can appear so together and cheery. When my daughter cooked our kittens by accident in the dryer, I cancelled Christmas.”

    She doesn’t state when this sad event occurred. How old was PB’s daughter at the time? What does canceling Christmas mean? Just the merry celebrations?  Couldn’t it have been celebrated in a more spiritual way (i.e an acknowledgment of life & death)? Perhaps she did, but this is certainly not reflected in her scathing, condescending remark. 

    Either Sally, you or I had posted a resource document on advice to family when a child had disappeared on Headlines. But Headlines no longer seems to exist. I hope you kept those links. I do have other resources on managing traumatic situations. Constant themes include (even if they are the last thing one may feel like doing) re-establishing a routine; finding healthy ways of evacuating stress; finding constructive ways to move forward; accepting/standing back from “help”; protecting/informing other young children caught up in the situation in ways appropriate to their age; dealing with the press, … etc. 

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