Looking for Madeleine McCann

Reporter: Rahni Sadler

Date aired: 24/07/2011

Sunday Night reporter Rahni Sadler is given unprecedented access to the parents of missing British toddler Madeleine McCann. Four years after Madeleine disappeared during a family holiday in Portugal, the McCanns disclose startling new clues driving the on-going worldwide search for their daughter.

The couple, who have raised millions of dollars in the past three years to fund their own private manhunt, now believe Madeleine’s abductor stalked the family.

Also, exclusive never-before seen home video reveals a side to the McCann family that will surprise many.

We join Kate and Gerry McCann as they travel across Europe on a mission to keep Madeleine in the minds of the public.


2 comments on “Looking for Madeleine McCann

  1. Good afternoon Carana, I found it a moving interview. It seems to me as if it was filmed around the time of the May interviews and only just aired in Australia.  I noticed that Kate and Gerry were wearing clothes they had worn on other interviews back in May 2011, which made me think it was filmed back then.

    Madeleine looked such a happy baby and even though the interviewer got the dates wrong when they became a family of 5, I still found it moving and you could see the pain and torment Kate is suffering when she speaks of her last moments with Madeleine before she went missing.

  2. Hi. Thanks for uploading the video. Not sure why, but I find it one of the most moving interviews so far. 

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