And it’s Friday

Oh don’t you just love the Friday feeling?  Weekend about to descend, weather just about to turn awful in true weekend fashion and people sitting at computers waiting with baited breath for the latest development in the McCann case.

Yes there they all are and they are hanging on this very tweet.!/davidhedgesme/status/94327086646444032

A tweet that is being re-tweeted more times than one cares to count.

So what huge story is about to break in Rothley?

Now do they all think that the NOTW and the Murdoch clan are going to offer up the parents of a missing child as sacrifice in order to save themselves?

Come on think logically, Murdoch lost the Sky Deal, which he wanted so much.  Murdoch has suffered the indignation of being questioned by a Select Committee and Murdoch could at any day see the power he once held being taken away from within.

Board meetings and back door support is probably happening in the Murdoch Companies, someone saying we can’t go on like this and decide the Murdochs are now a liability and need to be removed from their positions of power.

Already the jungle drums are banging for James Murdoch to be removed as Chairman from Sky TV.  It was reported only a week ago by the Independent that the investors had asked James Murdoch to consider stepping down.

The Co-operative Asset Management, which holds shares in Sky and News Corp, yesterday followed Pirc, the corporate governance adviser, in calling for the appointment of a chairman with no ties to the failed bidder.

Niall O’Shea, the head of responsible investing at the Co-op’s fund management arm, was forthright yesterday: “We believe radical reform is needed at both companies.”

While none of the major shareholders is yet to break rank, one warned yesterday that Mr Murdoch’s role at the company was “a watching brief”. The investor added: “We are not at the stage of raising our concerns with the independent directors, but this is a fast moving situation.”

Another institutional investor added: “There are clearly issues around the long-term governance of BSkyB,” adding many were waiting for developments before publicly opposing Mr Murdoch.

And now with the news breaking that James Murdoch may have mislead the Select Committee over the “Neville email”, things for the Murdochs have gone from bad to worse.

The information which was revealed in a statement issued by Tom Crone and Colin Myler, where they allege James Murdoch knew all about that hacking incident, is explosive and has serious implications if it is found that James Murdoch did in fact mislead the Select Committee. The Guardian reports the following about the incident:

Tom Crone and Colin Myler must have been well aware that the statement they were about to make could prove fatal to James Murdoch.

When the Guardian pointed out in the wake of his parliamentary testimony that Murdoch’s son had sought to blame them for concealment, a friend of the two men said: “To contradict James will be as good as coming out and calling him a liar.”

Myler and Crone, the News of the World’s then editor and News International’s top newspaper lawyer, both of whom have lost their jobs in the wake of the phone-hacking affair, subsequently spent the day debating what to do.

If their statement of Thursday nightis correct, then Rupert’s son will have proved to have misled parliament. It will also have destroyed the Murdoch family’s last line of defence against the scandal: that they knew nothing, and had been betrayed by those underlings they trusted.

I think the Murdochs have far more to worry about than the case of a missing child, because by what has developed over the last few days and weeks, the Murdochs have burnt their bridges with Governments old and new.  Now surely if they had nothing to lose and they know they could have brought down a Government or Ex-Government they would have already spilled the beans.

Just imagine the public outcry if the Murdochs did ever reveal that the Government asked them to be part of the so-called “Maddie” cover-up in order to protect powerful people. There would be uproar and it would definitely take away the main concentration of the investigation focussing on the Murdochs and steer the focus of people’s attention back at the Governments and namely Politicians.

So why haven’t they dropped this bombshell… Simple really, there isn’t one to drop. And I suspect that if there is going to be a major breaking news story emerging from Rothley it will be on the lines of the McCanns, their friends and their family have had their phones hacked by journalists.

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