The Right Thing To Do

Casting our minds back to the Baby P case, I can remember the uproar and indignation from people when they listened to how a Doctor failed to spot the abuse a child was suffering when that whimpering child was attending their surgery. A child that was not whimpering because he was having a miserable day but was crying and whining because he was in pain. You only had to read the injuries report to see what was making him miserable.  I think you would be miserable with a broken back.

I can remember the many comments on forums, blogs and newspaper comments sections demanding this doctor be struck off and never be allowed to practice again.

And too right because there were major failures by Doctors, Social Services, the Police and an innocent child paid the ultimate price, he paid with his life.

Now can you imagine the uproar that would ensue if ever a Doctor had a patient and their family in their consulting room and during the consultation witnessed an inappropriate gesture and chose to ignore it, not once but twice, how would that make you feel?  Can you imagine if a child was being abused and this evidence emerged during a court case, that the said Doctor witnessed actions nearly 2 years ago and did nothing?  There would be demands from the public insisting that this Doctor be struck off and never practice medicine again.

So what is the difference if a gesture is made in a Doctor’s surgery or whilst on holiday and in the company of others?  Absolutely none.

Can I ask why some people are not demanding to know why a Doctor, who allegedly witnessed such an inappropriate gesture failed to do her duty as a person and primarily as a Doctor by reporting her concerns to the appropriate authorities on her return to the United Kingdom after that holiday?

Can I ask why they are finding excuses for this Doctor for not reporting her concerns to the appropriate authorities?

If you read the statement of this Doctor, she states she did NOT witness this gesture once but TWICE, so why did she ignore her concerns and wait until Madeleine disappeared to report this incident?

She showed concerns because in her statement she says the following:

I remember telling ***** to took care to be there, in case it was **** helping to bathe the children and, in particular, my daughter E. I was very clear about this, as having heard him say that had disturbed me, and I did not trust him to give bath to E. alone.

Now this person was not some naive teenage mum, or some shrinking violet, this was a Doctor who knew what she thought she saw.  So why did she even allow the bathing routine to continue and why did she not insist on reporting this on her return to the UK?

Her own husband when questioned states the following:

I do not remember the context of the conversation between ***** and ****, but I do remember seeing ***** use his left index finger to rub his nipple, using circular movements, whilst he put his right index finger into his mouth, touching his tongue.

This happened during a meal, at the end of the day in the villa, I do not remember the time or the date, but we would usually dine between 19.30 and 21.00 every day. I think this happened in the middle of the holiday.

I remember that when I saw this gesture I immediately thought it to be in very bad taste, independently of the context of the conversation they were having. We were sitting around a white plastic table in the villa. I don’t know if anyone else saw the gesture, apart from my wife Katherina. After this gesture, we did not notice any others and as far as i know, the gesture was not repeated.

Yet his wife is adamant this gesture did happen again.

He even goes on to give a character reference with regards to the person who allegedly made this gesture he states:

I can say that **** was a pleasant person. I do not remember him having any unusual characteristics.

During the holidays **** never behaved in an inappropriate manner with Madeleine or with any of the other children. **** was popular with the children and I took this to be because he was a close friend to the family.

I never distrusted ****.  After the holidays there was one occasion when we were with Kate and Gerry and **** and **** were also present.

He states with regards to the alleged second incident that:

I do not remember **** having behaved inappropriately on this occasion.

Nor did he think the gesture he witnessed referred to Madeleine as his wife claimed. He said:

I only remember that Katherina saw the gesture at the time, I had forgotten the episode, it was never the subject of conversation.

At the time I did not feel the gesture was referring to Madeleine.

So it was never the subject of conversation, does that ring true to you?  Because it doesn’t to me, you come back off of holiday, you have witnessed an incident that left you grave concerns about a person, yet you and your husband never mention it again, and your husband has completely forgotten this incident.  To me that reads as if the husband thought his wife was making a mountain out of a molehill.

Surely if you were that concerned, it would play so heavily on your mind that you would have to speak about it, you would have to raise your concerns that children could be in danger wouldn’t you?  And if you saw the same kind of gesture for the second time, surely alarm bells would have rung loud and clear and you would have immediately spoken to your partner about it?

But whether her allegations are true or not, it does not stop some people jumping to conclusions, posting vile comments everywhere and ignoring the fact that the PJ did not think this statement relevant as once they received all the information, they did not pursue this avenue of enquiry any further.

Throughout the files I have not read any corroborating evidence to back up what this witness is saying.  I have not seen any witness statements from the other people sitting around that table that night and who were on holiday with them in Majorca, stating they saw the same incident and it worried them or they were concerned for their children.

Witnesses who were not in Portugal in 2007 but were present on that holiday in 2005 who could have witnessed the alleged incidents and therefore would have made credible independent witnesses.

If you knew a Doctor held back evidence which could have been correct and it was your child that suffered because of their failure would you be so forgiving?  Would you as a parent excuse her actions of failing to report this incident immediately, by saying she was probably a bit scared and brushed it off as one of those things never gave it a second thought until Madeleine disappeared?

Never, you see she was so concerned that she told her husband never to allow this person to be alone with her child at bath time.  She never told her husband we will bath our own kids and make an excuse, she was prepared to let her children be bathed by the same person yet did NOTHING to prevent others from being involved in the bathing.

No mother in their right mind would want their child within a mile of a possible paedophile, even Kate McCann states in her book the following:

The thought of paedophiles makes me want to rip my skin off. Surely these people along with psychopaths are not ‘normal’ human beings?

No Kate they are not normal people, and neither are the people that sit back and do nothing if they have a suspicion about a person.  Because by sitting back they are allowing children to possibly come to harm.

Without knowing what investigations have been carried out and what all the other witnesses say in their statements (namely the other couple that were holidaying in the group) about the same events then it is nothing more than an untested and unproven statement and cannot be used to declare guilt except by the most biased of people.

People who are now invading a Facebook page of a missing child.  People who have caused a family to close that facebook page for comments. People who are willing declare a person’s guilt on partial evidence.  People who do NOT have access to the full PJ files and all the files held by Leicester Police.

And as these people do not have access to the full files they are therefore not  in any position to state what investigations were carried out and what those inquiries concluded.

I have only seen one statement in the files from another person who categorically stated she could have seen this person somewhere or known him, but she could not say in what capacity she would have seen him and thinks it was probably in a professional capacity.

With regards to this other statement the PJ Final report concludes this:

On page 3418-a ***********  was questioned, who offered some information, which, despite its pertinence, did not show any relevance

And do these people know the kind of damage they are doing to a person’s reputation?  Do they care of the repercussions this could have on a person’s family, career and social life, should these allegations be false?  The Police have not pursued this avenue of inquiry and therefore in my opinion, they deemed the incident as irrelevant after investigation.  But no because all the gory details of who they questioned are not in the files, some people immediately shout cover-up, and claim these allegations must be true as there is nothing in the files to say they are not.  Please wake up you only have partial files, you don’t have the full contents, so therefore you don’t have all the evidence and until you do you can’t say what is true or not or who is guilty and who is not.

And for all those that are shouting they are campaigners against child abuse, child abuse will only stop when people start reporting it to the police immediately.  There is no excuse for sitting back and not saying anything.  Nobody in their right mind would sit back and see children put at risk if they had grave concerns about a person who was in the presence of children.

And as true to form I have been informed that I am being dragged into this episode that happened last night ….

Well for the record I do not approve of this kind of  behaviour and the actions of certain people are beyond contempt in my opinion.  It does nothing to find the truth and certainly does nothing to help find a missing child.  Because that is what Madeleine is, she is a missing child.


4 comments on “The Right Thing To Do

  1. Hi Carana, 

    Neither have I.  

    But that doesn’t stop them trying to tarnish a man’s reputation without solid evidence.

    Apparently from what I can gather, some antis went onto the Find Madeleine Official Facebook page and kept posting up about Gaspar.

    And by the looks of it they have had to stop some of the comments.Despicable behaviour in my opinion.

  2. Hi Bren
    I’ve found nothing to suggest that this was anything other than a typical locker-room joke. 

  3. How very true Carana.  The PM must have known what would have happened the moment that statement was found in the files.  

    I do wonder if the release was deliberate, and one thing it does make me question knowing that statements are available to public how many will now turn a blind eye just in case what they tell the police in confidence ends up spread all over the internet.

    There was a passage in Kate’s book about some friendships falling by the wayside and how they hope they get rekindled later.  I do wonder if this could be one particular friendship.

  4. Hmmm. Several people’s reputations, in fact. 

    Including the lady doctor who may not have been used to such jokes and who may have been surprised/perturbed at the time. 

    I am used to locker-room “humour”. 

    I do think her (supposedly confidential) communication with the police – years later – is a suggestibility issue, and I doubt that she ever thought that what had crossed her mind, thinking years back, would ever be splashed constantly on blogs/forums.

    My impression is that she shared a doubt with the police, thinking it would be treated in total confidence. It wasn’t. It gets constantly repeated. They, too, have kids (at least one at the time of the supposed incident).  

    It was obviously not a serious matter for concern at the time as neither of them reported it as such (as far as I can work out). 

    Her husband (who didn’t share her interpretation)  is one of the many people who signed the petition in favour of the review. 

    As far as I can tell, it’s just a non-issue. That family needs peace as well. 

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