It is so easy

judgementTo sit in judgement without knowing the full facts.

How easy it is, to write, spin your lies in order to tarnish a person’s character.  Well yes, Bennett has obviously decided that I am now in the embrace of Bonnybraes and MsMarbles.  He spins his lies and others believe him and then go out and spread his word.

My god it is not a foundation he is running it’s a bloody cult.  Well first and foremost, you can hear it straight from horses mouth, irrespective of what Bennett is telling people, I HAVE HAD NO CONTACT WITH BONNYBRAES OR MSMARBLES SINCE MARCH 2009. 

And for those that are thick, that is over 2 years ago.

Neither have I been Carter Rucked, threatened or blackmailed.  It is simple really, I read, understood and digested what the files actually said and changed my opinion.

And the lies that are being spun that I have always hated the McCann’s, again that is so wrong.  I have never hated them, in fact hate to me clouds your judgement.   I don’t know the McCann’s so how can anyone hate people they don’t know?  They can’t, it is as simple as that.

I might in the past not agreed with what they said or did, but never have I wished them ill.  I have never wished that they come to harm, lose their children (in fact truth be told, I was highly critical of any actions that could cause them added pain by losing their remaining children), or spend the rest of their lives in misery.  The person who is saying this knows full well what I have said to them in the past, yet has no qualms in repeating utter lies.

What the hell is it with the internet?  Do people really think they have the right to spread misinformation about someone?  Many of these people who are now spreading misinformation and accusing me of this, that and the other, are turning out to be no better than those they have criticised in the past.

I bet these people would not have the balls to say to someone’s face what they post on the internet.  I could just imagine it, down the Dog and Duck Public House, the landlord would either be forever separating people or having to give residence to a Police Unit, constantly dressed in riot gear.

No-one would dare say this to another person’s face and spread such lies.  I never really ventured into the internet until 4 years ago, and I thought there was not much more that life could teach me.  How bloody wrong that thought was?  I have come across some people in these past 4 yours that are genuine, nice and sincere.  People who take you for what you are and don’t care about what you think, they just cherish your friendship.

Then there are those that only want to be friends if you think and act like them.  Sorry maties, I don’t have friends like that in real-life and I definitely don’t want them in a virtual world either.

I know I haven’t got things right all the time, but if I have been wrong, I have been big enough to apologise.  But never in a million years did I think the internet would be full of  what is supposed to be adults, that are acting like nothing other than children that have been dragged up and not brought up.

And I do have to laugh at their logic, because I have changed my opinion on something, it is best if I just fade away, never post again and slink off like the black sheep of the anti-McCann world.  Never to venture out in cyber-world again ever again, because I had a change of heart and opinion.  Get real FFS, people change their minds about things every day of the week.  It is called being open-minded and not blinkered and biased.

News dear people, I don’t do slinking, if I want to post I will and the likes of those who think they have a right to sit in judgement of me, then two words “up yours”.

I know what I did was wrong and I regret it. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think of the pain and suffering I have caused people and I feel the pangs of guilt.  Guilt that I don’t think will ever leave me.  But I know what I did was right (to change my mind and speak out) and I have apologised to the people I have caused greatest harm to.   And that is the parents of a missing child.

As for the internet cronies that sit in judgement and tittle tattle, carry on, not many people are listening to what you are saying and in real-life I have not lost one single friend.  In fact I would go as far as saying, my friends and I sit and read the sheer lunacy at times and then have to battle for the loo where we have laughed so much.  Thank god this house has two loos.

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