You’re fired.

And is it a Wonder.

I am sick to the back teeth of reading on forums and blogs posts written by some people of how the British Police are corrupt.  How the British Police have withheld vital evidence and how the British Police were protecting the McCanns.

I have worked for the Police, and no I was not the cleaner as some people have written, I have seen them deal with murders, rapes and missing children. All Police Forces get things wrong at times and make mistakes and that includes the PT Police.

It is only witnessing the dedication of Officers that you begin to realise how much work they do behind the scenes.  The amount of leads that they receive and how they investigate each lead without putting into a bin labelled, “Doesn’t fit in with Theory”.

In the Shannon Matthews case, the Police were investigating lead after lead when a handler reported a marking his dog made. They investigated until that marking was eliminated. We know from the NPIA report that the dogs alerted to a “cadaver scent” but upon investigation those markings were eliminated because they had nothing to do with Shannon and did not lead the Police to Shannon. And never forget all those markings and the case concluded with Shannon being found ALIVE.

In an investigation many man hours are spent analysing, investigating pieces of information that have nothing to do with the enquiry.  All leads are pursed and every avenue is fully investigated until it either leads to the conclusion of the case or that lead is eliminated.

Now cast your minds back to late September, early October 2007.

The British Police received a piece of information, from none other than the household of Prince Charles.

The British Police on receiving that piece of vital information, must have contacted their counterparts in Portugal and started enquiries.

An article in from an Australian newspaper said the following:

AN anonymous tip-off to the Prince of Wales has sent UK police on an urgent hunt for a new suspect in the Madeleine McCann case.

The email – sent via Prince Charles’ website – claimed a disgruntled former employee of the Portuguese resort where the toddler went missing, could be behind her disappearance.

It claimed Madeleine was abducted from the Praia da Luz apartment in revenge against the complex’s owners.

It is understood police have confirmed the woman named in the email did work at the resort when Madeleine was last seen 150 days ago.

Royal aides have passed the email on to Scotland Yard, which is now trying to trace the author.

A police source told London newspaper The News of the World: “There have been hundreds of Madeleine theories, sightings and tips sent into UK cops from members of the public. But this one is different.

“It’s incredibly detailed and so far, from the inquiries being made in Portugal, it appears to be based on factual events.”

Police believe that the tipster entrusted the information to Prince Charles because he and wife Camilla came out in support of Maddie’s parents Kate and Gerry.

In a statement released from Clarence House in May, the royal couple said they had been following the case “closely and with deep concern” and “fervently hoped” Madeleine would be reunited with her family.

On another site the following was written:

Prince Charles is involved in a dramatic intervention in the Madeleine McCann case according to today’s News of the World.

An anonymous e-mail sent to the prince’s official website says the three-year-old Madeleine was kidnapped from the Mark Warner Ocean Club holiday resort in Portugal by a disgruntled ex-employee.

The informant named a maid who was sacked from the apartment complex in Praia da Luz and claimed she snatched the child in a revenge plot.

Now I know the Police would have made enquiries, firstly to confirm the contents, whether this person did at some point work at the Ocean Club, whether they were disgruntled, why was they sacked, were they in Portugal in May 2007?

All these questions and more would have needed to be asked in order for the lead to be fully investigated. And if  the information in the said email wasn’t genuine, then the email sender was sending a hoax, which would have then meant  it would be down to the Police as to whether they pursued the author and whether to charge them with wasting Police time. One thing they would not have done is put that piece of information in that bin labelled “Doesn’t fit in with theory”.

If at the end of the day that piece of information led nowhere, the Police would have known that it was thoroughly investigated.

Now this particular email was the email that led to the sacking of Goncalo Amaral.  In his own book, Chapter 21, he writes the following:

On Monday August 1st(* see footnote) I go back to work at DIC in Portimão, where two pieces of news are waiting for me: officials at Buckingham Palace have received an email informing them that a little girl – Madeleine – has disappeared from a hotel complex situated….in Lisbon! The second was brought to us by an English tourist – Kate – on holiday in Praia da Luz: she allegedly saw a stranger hanging about near the Baptista supermarket in the vicinity of the Ocean Club.

This is where we’re at: reduced to receiving that type of tip-off and chasing a phantom, that of the imaginary abductor. This Monday gets off to a bad start, with its load of irritation and preoccupations.


In the evening, while driving, I receive an unidentified phone call, the last straw…A journalist asks me if I want to comment on the subject of the email. Whether due to the difficult day, the raging storm or the fact of driving through rain…I lose my cool. I reply, irritably, without thinking, that the message is of no interest and that it would be better for the English police to occupy themselves with the Portuguese investigation. Even as I am hanging up, I realise that I have not only made a blunder, but I have been unfair towards the majority of the British police who have helped us throughout these difficult months. I drive on, certain that I have triggered a diplomatic incident with predictable consequences: as soon as these simple words are made public, I risk not being able to continue to direct the Portimão Department of Criminal Investigation.

The Times reports back in October 2007 the following:

The Portuguese detective leading the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann today accused British police of helping her parents’ defence rather than assist their attempts to find the truth.

Chief Inspector Goncalo Amaral claimed that British officers where following up leads provided by Kate and Gerry McCann rather than regarding them as suspects in killing their daughter.

The extraordinary attack follows two weeks of new claims which have cast doubt on the Portuguese police’s suspicion that Mrs McCann accidentally killed Madeleine at the family’s holiday flat in the Algarve on May 3.

Mr Amaral, the director of the Policia Judiciaria in Portimao, said: “British police have only worked on what the McCann couple want them to work on.

“They have only investigated tips and information developed and worked on for the McCanns, forgetting that the couple are suspects in the death of their daughter Madeleine.”

The article goes on to say:

Mr Amaral, 47, was particularly critical of reports that British police were taking seriously an e-mail sent to official website of the Prince of Wales last week. The tip-off claimed that Madeleine had been abducted by a maid in revenge for being sacked from the Ocean Club complex where the McCanns were staying.

Mr Amaral told the Diario de Noticias newspaper that the lead “has no credibility for the Portuguese police”.

He added: “This story about abduction for revenge is another lead being worked on for the McCanns.

“The Ocean Club is in Praia da Luz, not London, which means everything said by employees, current or former, has already been investigated by the Policia Judiciaria. No e-mail, above all an anonymous one, which is easy to discover where it was sent, is going to distract our line of investigation.”

An un-named senior police source said: “After the war with the British media, we now have another with the English police.”

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t think the McCanns would have sent an email to Buckingham Palace to throw them off the scent do you?

And as Mr Amaral said in the Times article:

Mr Amaral told the Diario de Noticias newspaper that the lead “has no credibility for the Portuguese police”.

He added: “This story about abduction for revenge is another lead being worked on for the McCanns.

I question whether any investigations were carried out by the Portuguese Police because I can’t find anything whatsoever in the files about the investigation and enquiries into that piece of information.

Surely whether it was a false lead or not, no officer would dismiss it without making basic enquiries would they?

Mind you, by the end of Chapter 21 Goncalo Amaral also  thinks his sacking  could also be due to the possible rumours he has heard about the signing of the Lisbon Treaty:

According to a British correspondent, the Prime Minister personally called Stuart Prior to ask for confirmation of my dismissal. Why would the head of the British government be interested in a lowly Portuguese official? We refuse to believe the rumours going around, according to which the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon was dependent on my dismissal. Rumours, of course, nothing more.

And those rumours have now turned into fact on twitter.  But one thing I will say, it is no wonder there was Political intervention especially, if Goncalo Amaral and his team were dismissing every lead coming in like the email received by Buckingham Palace.  Madeleine is a British Citizen, and her Government has a duty to protect her welfare and looking back on it now, I am appalled that the British Police were treated in a manner where their years of investigative professionalism was dismissed as “irrelevant”.

Now I must surgically extract myself from this keyboard as I do have a busy day ahead of me.

*Please note – The English Translation has the date down as the 1st August that the confrontation happened with the journalist – I have checked the Portuguese version of the book and the correct date is 1st October 2007.

Na segunda-feria, dia 1 de Outubro, regresso ao meu local de trabalho no DIC de portimaõ e sou colhido por duas informações provenientes do Reino Unido: um e-mail que teria sido recebido no Palácio Real

Google Translation

On Monday, a day of October, return to my workplace in DIC of Portimao and I collected information for two from the UK: an e-mail thatwould have been received at the Royal Palace


Taken from here:




Lies, beatings, secret trials: the dark side of police handling Madeleine case

We DID leak stories to the press about Madeleine, top Portuguese cop confesses

Madeleine: New police chief’s fury over the mess he inherited from his predecessor

Madeleine: The damning case against the police by Britain’s top investigative reporter


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  1. Hi,Bren. ( today with google tranlsation. LOL)

    While we are on opposing sides, I think your post is interest. The reality here is that by the Judicial Police also go through a hard time, really bad moments. On the other hand, nobody likes to sufferhigh pressure; interference. This profession is highly stressful, ascalculated. One of the many problems will have been interfered with by those who should be quiet. Let’s say that the good copscame to help and collaborate with the Police J. Portugal. But much has happened beyond good ….. I read this post with interest. Butyou know that despite whatever it is, I will always be with GonçaloAmaral and His Family, and also with the Research Team in this case the little Madeleine. The Family of Gonçalo Amaral was destroyed and it will not forget. I can not.

    • It would appear that Amaral was very upset about the British police because they wanted to investigate all the options and sightings and he had already settled on his thesis that Madeleine had been abused, fallen down the steps and been concealed. Thats what he told the press on the night of 1st October it would seem from their report on the 2nd. It was this blabbing of the these ideas to the press which left Ribeiro up in Lisbon with no option but to as the PT papers put it FIRE HIM.

      • Oh I forgot. Don’t forget he broke not only the working relationships with the British police but also the Code of Silence relating to investigations in Portugal by blabbing to the press about his ideas about the case. Any PJ officer would have faced the sack for those two blunders.

      • Exactly and it also makes sense why there was nobody there to say goodbye, as stated by Sofia.

        After blabbing about his thesis to all and sundry and then criticising another Country’s police for wanting to investigate sightings and emails sent to the Royal Family, it is no wonder he was dismissed.  He himself alone, made his position untenable, nobody else did it for him.

        Anyway here is the article where Sofia states nobody waved him goodbye.

  2. Another thing: to me and to many like me, this case will never forgotten and stay to the story by the bad reasons, like a big cover up.

    Some are more equal than others

    The writing is big, but i don ´t know why. Sorry.


    Note: if You was a cleaner but honest…. no problem.

    I had two degrees and You can not imagine how many people go without itt here to “work the same.” LOL now is shorter….

  3. Talking about the dismissal of Amaral this is quite an interesting article into why Goncalo was removed from the investigation.  

    Will say, that  the translation is by google translator but you understand that the PJ were not happy with the lack of respect and loyalty shown to the English Police by Goncalo Amaral and how they didn’t want the working relationship between them to break down.  And Ribeiro that states categorically that this is what led to his dismissal.


  4. Amaral is fired/dismissed.

    This story and the next one show that the reaction of Ribeiro was a direct result of the breakdown in working relations between Amaral and the English police. The second article shows that he was breaking all codes of ethics to slag the English off in the press. After an article like that on October 2nd Ribeiro had no choice but to dismiss Goncalo Amaral the next day.

    Gonçalo Amaral demitido
    De acordo com o jornal Expresso o coordenador da PJ de Portimão, Gonçalo Amaral, acaba de ser demitido e deixa a investigação do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann. Em causa, diz o Expresso online, estão as declarações do responsável ao DN de hoje, onde critica a polícia inglesa (ver notícia relacionada).
    18:19 terça-feira, 02 outubro 2007         

    Gonçalo Amaral fired
    According to the newspaper Expresso the coordinator of the PJ of Portimão, Gonçalo Amaral, has just been fired and left the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. At stake, says the Express online, are responsible for the statements of the DN today, which criticizes the British police (see related news).
    JV / RS
    18:19 Tuesday, 2 October 2007         


    Caso Maddie:
    PJ «ataca» polícia britânica

    Polícia britânica concentra atenções no que mais convém aos McCann, diz hoje ao Diário de Notícias o coordenador das investigações da Polícia Judiciária no caso Maddie, Gonçalo Amaral.

    “A polícia britânica tem estado unicamente a trabalhar sobre aquilo que o casal McCann pretende e lhe convém”. São estas as palavras do responsável do Departamento de Investigação Criminal (DIC) de Portimão em declarações ao DN.

    A acusação vem na sequência de uma notícia publicada na imprensa britânica relativamente a um e-mail anónimo enviado para o site oficial do príncipe Carlos. O mail acusa uma ex-empregada do The Ocean Club de ter raptado Madeleine, por vingança para com a administração do aldeamento, depois de ter sido despedida.

    Para Gonçalo Amaral essa situação “está completamente posta de parte, não tendo qualquer credibilidade para a polícia portuguesa”. O inspector diz que a polícia britânica tem vindo “a investigar dicas e informações criadas e trabalhadas pelos McCann, esquecendo-se que o casal é suspeito da morte da filha”.

    Recorde-se, ontem passou na SIC uma reportagem de sete minutos da Sky News onde se defende a tese de rapto da menina para abuso seguido de morte e ocultação de cadáver, sendo que a PJ não se livra de duras críticas no âmbito da investigação.

    Os especialistas entrevistados pela cadeia televisiva dizem que a PJ falhou na investigação ao quarto de onde desapareceu Maddie, salientando que o sangue e outros vestígios só foram encontrados depois do quarto ter sido arrendado a outras pessoas.
    12:13 terça-feira, 02 outubro 2007         


    Maddie case:
    PJ “attacks” the British police

    British police focused attention on what suits the McCanns, said today the Daily News investigation of the coordinator of the Judicial Police in the Maddie case, Gonçalo Amaral.

    “British police have been working solely on what the McCanns want and suits you.” These are the words of the head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Portimão in statements to DN.

    The accusation comes following a report published in the British press for an anonymous email sent to the official website of Prince Charles. The email accuses a former employee of The Ocean Club to have abducted Madeleine in revenge for the administration of the village, having been dismissed.

    Gonçalo Amaral for this situation “is completely ruled out, having no credibility for the Portuguese police.” The inspector said that British police have been “investigating tips and information created and worked by the McCanns, forgetting that the couple is suspected of the death of his daughter.”

    Remember, yesterday passed a report on the SIC of seven minutes from Sky News where he defends the idea of ​​kidnapping the girl for abuse resulting in death and concealment of a corpse, and the PJ are not free of harsh criticism in research.

    The experts interviewed by the television station said the PJ failed to research the room from where Maddie disappeared, emphasizing that blood and other remains were found only after the room was rented to others.
    12:13 Tuesday, 2 October 2007

  5. to mcnr:

    highly stressful you say? Really? looking for what gonçalo amaral did, from the moment he received a phonecall, while dining, very close to Praia da Luz, then, went to his home instead of showing his fat face in the moments followed the phonecall, then, when amaral was sacked, wrote books of lies, just because amaral only showed interest in hollywod celebrity style, gained disgusting fame and fortune, with his lies, at the expenses of innocents betrayed by him, you call this highly stressful mcnr? grow up, you need therapy.

  6. para mcnr:

    altamente desgastante dizes tu? a sério?  olhando para o que gonçalo amaral fez, a partir do momento em que recebeu chamada telefónico, durante jantar muito perto da Praia da Luz, depois, foi para sua casa em vez de mostrar a sua cara gorda nos momentos seguintes à chamada telefónica, depois, quando foi expulso, escreveu livros mentirosos, só porque amaral sempre e unicamente mostrou interesse em agir tipo celebridade de hollwood, ganhou fama e fortuna, com suas mentiras nojentas à custa de inocentes por ele traídos, tu mcnr chamas isto de altamente desgastante? cresce mas é, tu precisas de terapia.

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