The Supposed Death Scent


Thinking out aloud.

Bear with me, but I am having one of those ‘Eureka’ moments, and it is thanks to Maggs for posting up the PJ Final Report from the DVD.

I have uploaded it to this blog for all to view: (PJ FINAL REPORT)

Something has hit me, and I don’t know if I could be right or wrong.  We all know that cadaver scent can be transferred from one thing to another and it is called cross-contamination.  We also now know (Casey Anthony Case)  that cadaver dogs can alert to bodily fluids from a live person that begin to decompose after leaving the body.

Now is the PJ Final Report it states the following:

6 – In the clothes and belongings of the Family MCCANN

– cadaver odour dog:
* in two pieces of clothing belonging to KATE HEALY
* in a piece of clothing of the minor MADELEINE
* in the plush toy, possibly belonging to MADELEINE (it was detected cadaver odour, when the plush was inside the residence – at the date occupied by the family)

So why wasn’t the scent detected at the second apartment or the Villa?  The clothing was removed from the Villa, surely there would have been cross-contamination and those articles would have been in contact with various surfaces where the dogs would have alerted.

Martin Grime states in his report the following:

Villa rue des Fleurs.


August 2nd 2007 -6.14pm – 27 Rue das Floras- Praia Da Luz – Lagos


PJ: Ricardo P & J. Carlos P., inspectors.
UK: Mark Harrison, Martin Grime & Eddie.

On that date, within the context of a residential search, carried out at the McCann couple’s current residence, an inspection by a dog handling team was made. Thus, at the time indicated at the beginning of the report, all areas of the property were inspected and the following results obtained:

6.36pm – The dog Eddie, who detects cadaver odours, “marked” the area of a cupboard in the living room. On checking, the dog was indicating a pink soft toy belonging to Madeleine McCann.

The clothes.

Date: August 2nd 2007 – 11.20pm

On that date, following the home visit made to the McCann’s’ current residence, on the Rue des Fleurs, various items of clothing were laid out in an appropriate place for this purpose, to carry out an inspection by the dog handling unit.

The collected items of clothing were set out individually with the agreement and under the directions provided by the British technicians, the dogs having previously covered the space where the clothing was laid out.

1 – 11.20pm: Prior reconnaissance of the place by the two canine units to guarantee that the space was clear of all odours being sought. The reconnaissance was completed at 11.30pm without anything being signalled by the dogs.

2 – 11.30pm: An initial inspection by the human blood detecting dog, began with the clothing packed in the box bearing the notation: “Living room.” At 11.40pm, the inspection was completed without the dog showing anything abnormal.

11.41: The canine human remains recovery dog started its inspection and “marked” various clothes. The inspection was completed at 11.52pm. The clothes were returned to their box for later use.

From 12.02am until 1.30am, (03/08/07) all the other boxes, containing clothing from the twins’ bedroom, from the friends’ bedroom, from the bedroom of the couple labelled 1 & 2, as well as the empty luggage, was inspected by the two dogs without conclusive results.

The PJ Final Report states that in the Second Apartment that the McCann family stayed at nothing was found.

4 – House of the MCCANNs at the date of the inspection [second apartment]*

NOTHING at the house, was detected by any of the dogs;

But hold on, surely if those clothes had the death scent on them, there would have also been cross contamination at the second apartment as well as the Villa.  Why didn’t the dogs alert to this?  We know Eddie alerted to a cupboard in the Lounge where Cuddle Cat was (and after playing with the toy then alerted to it)  but no way would they have kept clothes in that cupboard.  And cuddle cat was in the second apartment so why didn’t the dog alert there?

If Eddie was supposed to have been able to alert to Apartment 5A why didn’t he alert to other areas in the Villa where those clothes were stored and to the same areas in the second apartment that the McCann family stayed at?

Which brings me back to why is there pictures of 5 boxes and 2 suitcases when Gerry McCann only signed for 4 boxes and 2 suitcases.


I seriously can’t believe that if these clothes had any scent on them that the scent never transferred onto something or a cupboard where these items were stored. Logic tells you that unless of course these items managed to float in air at the second apartment and the Villa.

I could be totally wrong but that is how I see it.


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  1. Hi Carana, I agree but if all these items were marked by the dog, why didn’t the dog mark the area where they were in that Villa or second apartment.  I know it is not funny but your last paragraph did make me smile.

    I really think Gerry would have been recognised if he was dressed like that. LOL  

    If they were from dirty laundry then why didn’t the dog mark the laundry basket.  

    It just seems so amazing that the dog marks these clothes but does not mark the location in the villa and second apartment.And something else I noticed about these videos, especially the car one, the amount of time spent on the other vehicles and the time spent on the McCanns car.  It seemed to me as if Martin Grime was constantly having to call Eddie back because he was more interested in the piece of wall between the cars.

    • Did you ever compare the amount of time Eddie spent at 5A and the time he’s spent at the other apartments? Or the time they’ve spent searching the beach for instance?
      Clothes were present during the search of the Villa. You can see them on the video.

      • Exactly – the clothes, shoes, luggage, CC latex gloves all in the villa when the dogs searched……..only alleged alert was CC –
        negative to clothes or storage cupboards.

        Kate McCann

        In the footage of the apartment next door to ours, one of the dogs began to root in the corner of a room near a piece of furniture, PC Grime summoned the dog and they left the flat.

      • 5a   20.00
               20.20 marks
               20.22 marks behind
               20.47 blood dog
               cadaver dog in apartment aprox 30
               dog took 20 min. to make the first
        5b   21.24 – 21.27…3
        5d   21.29 – 21.34…5
        5h   21.35 – 2138…3
        4G   21.35 – 21.38…3

      • Hi Anon, exactly when you read and watch those videos it is just amazing.  The car one is the worst, how he can proclaim he never knew it was the McCann vehicle I will never know.  Not with all those stickers in the window.  

        The other cars the dog just walked around sniffed and then onto the next, when they got to the McCann car the dog kept running onto the next and then back to the wall.  I could not believe the amount of times that the dog had to be called back to sniff the McCann’s car one more time and then another and another.

  2. Oh look. The box issue just got a bit more complicated. Actually, I think the mystery box was the one with the papers, bible, gloves and what-not. http://mccannpjfiles.co.uk/P8/08_VOLUME_VIIIa_Page_2098a.jpg

    Not at all what I was looking for, but never mind. 

    Slight digression here. Kate washed Cuddlecat after 70 days because it had become dirty and SMELLY. Well, it would, wouldn’t it if she’d been carrying it around in a sweaty hand for even an hour a day in the heat for all that time. And if it smelled unpleasant, it seems logical to me that it would be due to anaerobic bacteria decomposing the dried sweat. And once washed, it would no doubt smell fresh to humans, but it could well still pong to Eddie.

    Back to my original thought… Finally found my comment over on Headlines after I’d watched that clothes video again: 

    “The only alert indication was by the EVRD on clothing from one of the boxes. I am not in possession of the details as these were recorded by the PJ officers present.”
    http://headlines-today.co.uk/2011/01/24/martin-grime-eddie-and-keela-reports/4/A shame Grime didn’t note which clothes Eddie actually reacted to. He passes over the area a first time without reacting. Then, if it’s everything he throws in the air and/or nudges around, the first item would seem to be a tiny green garment (underwear?), then he goes bananas over the little red T-shirt. He then carries on barking while nudging the trousers and a large greenish T-shirt/polo shirt along the other wall. I don’t see him reacting to the white sleeveless top. When he goes back again, he seems to be indicating the red T-shirt again.In other words, if the alert is to bark and throw the items in the air, then I can only see that alert given to the green knickers and a child’s red T-shirt. If the alert includes what he also nudges, then he doesn’t seem to have alerted to K’s top, but what looks more like a man’s greenish T-shirt.Might have been clearer if the items had been replaced in different areas much further away from each other to double-check. Most confusing.http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/30861762


    At the time I had found a document listing the items in that box, but I can’t find it any more. It included the makes and size. The thought was triggered again by “Madeleine’s” T-shirt. I’ll post the link if I ever find it again.

    Not sure I have the courage to go through that video YET again to double-check, but I remember noticing that Eddie didn’t seem to react to Kate’s blouse and I’d like to find the size of that red T-shirt. There IS a photo of Sean wearing it.

    In some of the documents, it states that there were 2 boxes from the living room. In one document, it says 1 box from the living room and 1 from the “common room”. Can’t find that either at the moment. I find that confusing. What’s the common room? The area near the kitchen with the dining area? The reason is I’m still wondering whether those items were simply dirty laundry. 

    Does anyone else agree with what I think I saw in that video?

    If so, in the parents-what-done-it theory, that would mean we now have Gerry running to the beach/church wearing a green/blue T-shirt and Kate’s checkered trousers, carrying the child in Sean’s red T-shirt & tiny greeny/bluish boxer shorts… 

  3. Don’t know if they had a laundry basket. There was supposedly hours of footage so we haven’t seen everything. Did we ever work out whether the clothes were in the villa when the dogs went in? For all I know, the dog could have barked and it wasn’t mentioned because they were taking them off for inspection elsewhere anyway. 

    Just thinking about Cuddlecat again, the PJ would have known from Kate’s diary when she washed it. I could be wrong, but decomposing sweat does seem logical to me and is probably why it doesn’t seem to have been taken for forensic tests. Neither were the clothes as far as I can tell. 

  4. BTW, for what it’s worth, I just posted over on what’s become the forensic-doggy thread.


  5. Processos Vol VIII

    Pages 2110 – 2112

    With thanks to Albym

    Inspector: Joao Carlos
    Date: 03/08/07
    Place: DIC Portimao

    Designated Officers: Paulo Pancadas and Nuno Nunes, PJ Inspectors

    with a box containing articles and other clothing with the inscriptions
    “DIC DE PORTIMAO” * NUIPC 20107.0 GALS * Place: Rua das Flores, no.27 –
    Vivenda Vista-Do-Mar –Urbanizacao Luz-Praia da Luz-Lagos * Division:
    Lounge (handwritten) * 2 pillows (handwritten) * Date: 2/08/07.

    1. One pair of woman’s trousers, HOBBS, size 8, checked pattern (white and black).

    2. One woman’s top, white, H & M, European size 5.

    3. A children’s T-Shirt, red, with aeroplane motifs, NEXT, for the age 2-3, length 98 cms.

    4. Sleeveless woman’s T-shirt, white NEXT, in UK size 10

    5. Bath towel, Turkish cloth, white SAN PEDRO

    6. Bath towel, Turkish cloth, blue, with marine motifs, FELPOTECE

    7. Children’s shorts, blue, with red string, NEXT, for age 2-3, length 98 cms

    8. Children’s shorts, lycra, blue in colour, with pink, MATERNA, for 2-3 years, length 98 cm

    9. Children’s trousers, dark blue with bright orange, MARKS & SPENCER, for one to one and½ years, length 90 cms

    10. Children’s shirt – girl – pink, DOLCE & GABBANA, with the image SUPERGIRL.

    11. Boy’s shirt, short-sleeved, light blue, with small white markings, NEXT, for 2-3 years, length 98cms.

    12. Ladies briefs, white, MARKS & SPENCER, UK size 10

    13. Men’s t-shirt, short-sleeved, mixed colours, with letters on the front, NEXT, size large.

    14. Woman’s sleeveless shirt, lilac, with floral designs on the front, KIRKWOOD ESSENTIALS.

    15.Men’s sport polo shirt, white with black trim, GLENMUIR 1891, Medium.

    16. Men’s sport shorts, white, NIKE, size XL

    17. Woman’s sport t-shirt, grey, with the word PASSION written on the front, AMELIA JANE, size 44.

    18. Sport t-shirt for men, white, with some grey, MARKS & SPENCER, size large

    19. Men’s t-shirt, light blue, with the inscription O’NEILL, size large.

    A bib with sleeves, Turkish cloth, white, with Turkish blue colouring,
    with a monkey on the front and the words “here comes…trouble”

    21. Children’s shorts, khaki, with various pockets, GENUINE KIDS, size 2T

    22. Children’s shorts, with vertical stripes in blue tones, DESIGNERS, for age 18-24 months

    23. Two pillow-cases, yellow, with dolls and words.

    24. A pillow with the respective cover, white, with the words “Visto do Mar 927 Metavilla”

    25. A pillow with its cover, white

    26. Two bath towels of Turkish cloth, yellow.

    the articles were photographed and identified from numbers 1 to 26,
    corresponding to the numbers above. The photos follow the report.

  6. Processos Vol VIIIPages 2097-2098Official document of search
    and seizure.Inspector: Joao CarlosDate: 02 August 2007Place: Rua
    das Flores, 27Officers: Tavares de Almeida, Vitor Matos, Joao Carlos, Carlos
    Dordonnat, Carla Brito (Interpreter)Consent given by: Gerry
    McCannLegal formalities having been observed a search was
    undertaken.The following describes in detail the number and quality of
    papers or detected objects, and the exact
    place of the same with the seizure declaration and indication of how they were
    packed up:- The present search was started at 18h00.- The residence
    comprised: entrance hall; a WC (01) on the left; twins’ bedroom; visitors’
    bedroom with WC en suite; master bedroom [bedroom of the couple]; lounge; dining
    area; WC and kitchen.- All outside rooms [annexes] searched nothing was
    seized.- OBJECTS FOR EXAMINATION1. One (01) pink cloth toy, with
    yellow paws and ears and blue label, make “cuddle cat”, with a third in wood and
    a green band, alluding to Fatima, that was found in the lounge on top of a large
    chair [armchair].- 2. Clothes, shoes, bags [hand-bags; suitcases] and travel bags
    [knapsacks] that were packed as follows:- Lounge, two boxes.- Master
    bedroom, two boxes.- Twins’ bedroom, one suitcase.- Visitors’ bedroom, one suitcase.- 3.
    Various papers.- One bible, bedside
    table of the master bedroom.- Two diaries and a notepad that was
    found in the cupboard of the master bedroom.- On pair of latex gloves, that was found in a drawer of a bedside table
    of the visitors’ bedroom.- There being nothing more to record, the present
    activity was ended at 20h30.- This document is drawn up to ratify the truth
    of the above and it is going to be duly signed.Signed(Gerry
    McCann’s is one of the signatures)

  7. Ah, thanks for that Samantha. 

    This is indeed what I thought I’d remembered:
    3. A children’s T-Shirt, red, with aeroplane motifs, NEXT, for the age 2-3, length 98 cms.
    Doesn’t it seem more likely that a red T-shirt for a 2-3 year-old was indeed Sean’s?

    (Not sure which of the green/bluish large T-shirts/polo shirts I noticed that I thought must have been Gerry’s. Would have to go back to the video. Can’t remember off-hand.)

  8. And one of these would correspond to the shorts I seem to remember Eddie getting all excited about. 7. Children’s shorts, blue, with red string, NEXT, for age 2-3, length 98 cms8. Children’s shorts, lycra, blue in colour, with pink, MATERNA, for 2-3 years, length 98 cm

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