An Open Apology

sorryTo Kate and Gerry

On a discussion on one of the posts I wrote for this blog, it was mentioned about writing an apology to Kate and Gerry McCann for the part I played in causing them unnecessary suffering by creating the3arguidos forum and the harm it caused in the search for their daughter.

When the Express Group were taken to Court by Kate and Gerry McCann and the McCann family were awarded damages the Express Group made a front page apology.

I wish to do the same, my reasons being because what I wrote for those many years was written in a public arena and therefore my apology should be written in the public arena.

I feel to write a private letter to Kate and Gerry McCann does not put right the pain I caused them and as my hundreds of posts were public so should my apology be. And no doubt there will be the mindless few that will spread the myth this apology is because Carter Ruck has descended on me from a great height. Of course those people won’t accept that this apology has nothing to do with Carter Ruck, any other lawyers, or other people at all but solely because I am sorry for getting things so, so wrong.

If any person is in contact with Kate and Gerry McCann, I ask them to either copy my apology to them or point them in the direction of my apology.

Dear Kate and Gerry McCann

I write this apology to you with a very heavy heart, a heart that knows now how much pain and suffering I caused you, your family and friends by allowing a forum to exist that was none other than a “cess-pit”.

I had no right to stand in judgement of a family who are bearing the most inconceivable pain ever, the loss of a child and a family who need people to help not hinder.

You, your family and your friends did NOT deserve to have your lives torn apart by malicious posts written on a forum I hosted and by posts written by myself. Even though I had no control of what those people wrote I did hold the ultimate power to delete. My failure to do that simple action will never be excusable, along with my failure to control a rabid situation which added to the pain you, as parents of a missing child, were already suffering.

I know deep down, no matter how many times I say “I’m sorry”, it will never take that pain you both must have felt and still continue to feel if you read those posts and that, on my part, is unforgiveable.

One day I hope you find it in your heart to forgive a stupid blinkered woman, who should have known better, for her sins. A woman who allowed her own gut-instinct and feelings to rule her judgement, instead of allowing the facts and evidence which was evident to prove that your daughter is a missing child and a child that needs to be found.

I don’t expect your forgiveness because to be honest if I was standing in your shoes at this precise moment, I would probably find it hard to forgive a person who caused my family so much unnecessary pain.

My selfish actions gave a platform and an arena to a man who is beyond contempt in my eyes. A man who will stop at nothing in his attempt to tarnish the family and friends of a missing child with his horrendous accusations and his actions that cause as much pain to a child’s family, ever imaginable. A man who will stop at nothing in order to satisfy his own insatiable quest to inflict as much pain and suffering as he can on the family of a missing child. A man that proclaims he cares for your daughter but leads people to believe that Madeleine is not a findable living child.

Whether he would have gained such an audience if the3arguidos had never been created I don’t know. And for allowing this man to have free access to a forum that caused you so much pain, I sincerely apologise to you both and realise my actions were so wrong. And knowing full well that my actions of allowing him to post on that forum gained him popularity, and for that action I can only offer you both my unreservedly sincere regrets and profound apologies.

As they say hindsight is such a wonderful thing and when I say I wish I could turn back the clock I truly mean it. If I could have had access to a crystal ball for just one split second back in November 2007, no way would I have ever clicked on that submit button that created that monster of a forum.

Your daughter deserved better than that, you deserved better than that. She deserved my attention to be focussed on helping to find her not condemning innocent people and standing in judgement without knowing all the facts. So many forum myths were created by that forum, and I want to dispel those myths by writing about the truth and by trying to put right the so many wrongs I did to your family.

The truth is in the files and definitely not in someone’s mind or what they think is the truth.

I failed to see that even though you were bearing the hardest pain any parent could ever imagine, you still found it in yourselves to help the plight of missing people. You ran, cycled and raised awareness and money for Charity. You campaigned tirelessly for Amber Alert and instead of giving you credit I gave you condemnation. You both did not deserve that.

I have read your book Kate, and I feel as if, through your words, I have got to know the real Kate McCann and not the Kate McCann the media at times wanted to portray, especially the Portuguese media. I have felt your pain and shared your laughter, especially at you running to the top of that hill in New Zealand.

I have cried so many tears at reading how desperate you both were for information and news about your daughter’s whereabouts and please may you one day both find it in your hearts to forgive me.

My jaw has dropped to the floor when I read about the questioning, the conduct of the Police, how unprofessional they were at times, and the information you told us all about children being molested whilst on holiday.

I close by saying, may your pain end soon with Madeleine being found alive and returned home to you both. Where Madeleine may once again be in the warmth, comfort and love of her family a place where she should never have been taken from. May God listen to your pleas and answer your prayers soon.

I truly am sorry for adding to your pain and maybe one day, you both, will find it in your hearts to forgive me.


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  1. I don’t expect anything Chicane, and thank you for your help in making sure it gets to where it belongs.

    • Why now Bren what has changed?the files and amaral have not changed

      • Because I have finally opened up to my eyes to what they actually said.
        Sometimes in life, Kazcut, when you are with a set of people who think along one trait only, when you question and that group of people put what seem valid answers to your queries, you stop questioning.  You listen more to their arguments than what the evidence is actually telling you.

        It is not the fault of those others, it is your own fault for not doing what it right and saying “hold on you are so wrong on that point because ….”

        As I have said it never happened over night, it was a gradual thing, it happened over time.  And the more I started to listen to the other side of the argument the more I could see clearly.  Instead of poo pooing what they were saying without a second thought, I researched and found what they were saying was the truth.

        In hindsight I wish this change of opinion had been a lot earlier, but unfortunately it wasn’t.

      • Thank you for reply Bren yes I know what your saying when you licked in one side you do tend to always be talking one way .that’s why I like to post on sky as it’s both sides .every one has a right to their own views but what I hate in the whole of this case as I expect Kate and Gerry do aswell is when people (like you did ) say Madeleine is dead poor little mite if she isn’t but needs help .
        The whole statements / files/ news everything which is available to us has never placed Madeleine dead .I can understand how you may have got caught up in the whole fake side of madeleines case and well done to you for having the balls to admit you now feel it was wrong .most people just change their I’d and hide behind it .
        Can’t say I’ve ever debated any of this case with you but wanted to comment on your blog as my self did run you down like you did Kate
        We are all guilty of the bitching .don’t concentrate on being sorry concentrate on being positive .let’s hope Scotland yard was being truthful when they gave that statement Madeleine could be found alive and who knows we could be printing that news she is home .

      • Linked to one side not licked 🙂

      • Do you know what Kazcut, that is the part that I feel so guilty about, never giving that child a chance and believing the worst without concrete evidence to back it up.

        Nothing I do will ever take that pain away that Kate and Gerry must feel but if by luck one person stops this persecution of the parents through reading the files, reading the evidence and reading here, then that can only be a good thing in the end, because one more person is fighting to find Madeleine.

  2. I suggested writing a letter of apology to Kate and Gerry McCann and so you have done. I will now ensure that it will arrive at the right place. Expect nothing, so you will not get disappointed.

  3. Bren get a grip…Do you think anyone really cares?

    • All I know is that I care, and I know many will say this is some publicity stunt on my part.  But they are far from the truth.  The truth is I criticised Kate and Gerry McCann, I wrote posts that must have hurt them tremendously and I did that in the public arena.

      That is why my apology is in the public arena.  Every person that read my posts I want to know that I got it so, wrong, I want them to re-evaluate the files, not listen to others and be swayed in their opinion.  The truth is in the files.  They just need to read it and not the bits that some people want them to read. 

  4. Carter Ruck clearly have threatened you or offered you a deal. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. This Saint Bren image doesn’t wash with me.

    • You can think what you want, but I can assure you that Carter Ruck have NEVER contacted me.  Now if you don’t believe me, phone Carter Ruck, and ask them if they have offered me a deal as you suspect?  Ask them if they have written to me?

      You can even refer them to this post as confirmation that I agree to them telling you whether they have contacted me or not.

      I changed my opinion, I was wrong and I am sorry, that is the crux of it.  Nothing more nothing less.

      • And we would believe Carter Ruck, even if we telephoned them?  Don’t think so Bren.

        Anyway, enough gushing from you

      • Believe what you like, but please do not try and tell me what to do. If I want to apologise for my actions to Kate and Gerry McCann I will.  If I want to believe that there is a chance that Madeleine McCann is alive I will.

        If I don’t want to be part of the collective, that writes a child off as dead without concrete proof, I won’t.

      • I never told you what to do or tried to?  You are entitled to your opinion but have slated people who share a different point of view .  I’m all for rational discussion with opposing views. None of us know what happened to Maddie and I think we are all just trying to find out.

  5. bren  what  people want to know though is   why  after slagging them off for  4 years are you abusing those  who question the mcanns is that not  a bit  hypocritical?

    • Why? Because I don’t approve of some of the actions taken by the anti-McCann group.  I did not and still don’t approve of leafleting neighbours, friends and family.

      I don’t approve of people standing out on High Streets handing out literature.  How would you like it if people stood and accused you of a heinous crime, without concrete proof and then decided to hit your neighbours, friends and family?  How would you like it if people decided to to your place of work and left leaflets?  How would you like it if you had a missing child and people kept saying she is dead?

      That is not getting to the truth, that is being a vigilante. 

      To see comments that Madeleine is dead and people putting RIP makes me sick, if you were innocent would you want people writing your child off without proof?

      Nobody knows what happened to Madeleine, there is no proof that she is dead, so she has every right to be treated as a findable living child, until it is proven otherwise, don’t you agree?

      Sorry it is not slagging anyone off, it is just saying what some are doing is so wrong.  It has gone past questioning in some people’s eyes and descended into venom, bile and illogical thinking. 

      A profiler writing an e-book, not based on the PJ Files, but on media stories and a theory that well is beyond believable.

      • So your venom is for Tony Bennett and his Foundation then? I personally do not agree with everything they have done but it is keeping Maddie’s plight in the news.  Many people think that Maddie has long since passed and not without reason, the dogs?

      • I have not displayed any venom, I have NOT called those people any vile names, I just don’t approve of their cause or what they are doing. 

        If you care to remember back, Tony Bennett went leafleting and then prominently came onto the 3arguidos and bragged about it.  He leafleted with leaflets with that forum web address on it. Not once did he ask the admin there at the time, as far as I know,  (which by the way I was not) if he had their permission to drag that forum into his hounding and leaflet delivering.

        Glad you brought up about the dogs, did you know that cadaver dogs can alert to bodily fluids from a live person that begin to decompose after leaving the body?

        So is there not a chance that Madeleine could be alive?

      • Of course there is a chance that Maddie is alive. No one knows what happened to her.

        As for the dogs, I’ll have to ask them, as suggested by Gerry 😀

  6. For the attention of Frances Murray. Leopards do change their spots. Just look at Bonnie Braes and Miss Marbles. The change in their spots was breathtaking!!!!!!

  7. Bren have you contacted the find Madeleine team ?
    Maybe you could email them and see if there is any way you could help out
    Send your letter .years ago there was the htfm team where emails and photos were sent .obviously everyone knows the name Madeleine but over the years people forget .

    Try and spend your spare time helping

    • I will give that some serious thought Kazcut, the last thing I want to do is upset people with my presence being there.  

      There are so many forum myths created that at this precise minute I want to dispel them and post up the facts of this sad tragic case and to highlight the fact that Madeleine is nothing other than a missing child who needs to be found.

  8. You are a real piece of work aren’t you.  When are you going to understand it isn’t about me, it isn’t about you, it isn’t about Goncalo Amaral, it is all about a missing child.

    Now no matter what I say, you will never believe me, so why should I keep even repeating myself.

    I changed my opinion and I apologised for all the pain I caused the family of a missing child.  It is as simple as that.

  9. Well if it isd not Carter Ruck Bren it is all about your giant ego…Nobody wanted to knoiw you as an anti in recent times.. Having swirtched sides you are noiw attracting the pros …feels better doesn’t it|?

  10. I changed my opinion about the dogs in 2008 when I read the files (and put up with an awful lot of nastiness from you because of it), what took you so long and what makes you suddenly so certain the McCanns are innocent in her disappearance?  Did you forget all the other evidence you read? 

    You even used to slag off the British Police and CEOP, how do you stand on that now Bren?

    If you are so against everything Tony Bennett did why were you such an avid supporter, even signing his sprawling essay to the MPs, which, let’s face it was embarrassing drivel.    

    I am not sure how anyone could think Kate and Gerry are poor innocent parents.  At best you are just an attention seeker.  

  11. The above post was by me Viv, Justice for Maddie and the Twins blog, I still believe in Justice and the British Police.  But I do agree with you Bren, it is appalling to keep chanting that child is dead with no evidence whatsoever to back that up.  It is nothing short of wicked, no one knows what that little girl may be suffering or how she may feel if she can read the filthy comments written about her “dead body” , day in day out.    

    I think you should be supporting the police for a change Bren, it has always been the case, they are Maddie’s only hope for justice and for her rescue if that is still possible.   

  12. Felicity123 we were all being led by hand to believe that the British Police and CEOP were there protecting the McCanns.  And we were being led this way by the PT Media.  

    Again as for that thing I signed of Bennett’s, I truly at the time was thinking that our Press was being hushed up.  Little did I know when I put my name to that document Bennett was going to act nothing other than a vigilante.

    His behaviour at that hearing, sitting behind Gerry McCann, was purely for intimidation and nothing else. Then he came waltzing onto a forum posting about the reasons, something like I wanted him to know we were watching him.

    What evidence?  The PJ Final Report dismisses Yvonne Martins statement it says:

    On page 3418-a YVONE MARTIN was questioned, who offered some information, which, despite its pertinence, did not show any relevance,

    The Gaspar statement well again, there is no evidence in the files to back up what she said.  There are no statements from the other couple to say whether they saw this gesture and whether they were concerned.  And I may not be popular here but she was an educated woman, who would have been on various Child Protection courses as a GP, yet she never said anything until something happened.

    Come on get real, she told her husband never to let him bathe the children alone, a normal mother would have not cared if a scene was caused she would never have let her child be bathed by a person who she was suspicious of.

  13. Felicity123 you speak of the British Police, well I have more faith in them than I do have in the Team led by Goncalo Amaral.  And I hope Scotland Yard do manage to find whoever is responsible put them firmly behind bars and find Madeleine McCann.

  14. Welcome Paul, how very true, led up the garden path.. that is one understatement, I think at times we were blatantly lied to at times and I am beginning to wonder if it was all in aid of an ulterior motive other than finding out who harmed Madeleine.  Important things missed out because they would have changed peoples mind.  

    The truth of the matter is the majority of British People did not speak Portuguese and therefore would not have know if what was being said was true or not.  A piece missed out, a change of one word can change the whole context of what is meant.

    Classic example is the Gaspar statement were the children bathed by the parents or fathers?  Some people out there say they saw the transformation from parents to fathers happen before their eyes.  I never saw it happen, but all I know is that I have put that sentence through google and I get parents. So until I see the original statements, I will not judge a person on one statement with no details of what investigations were carried out and whether others witnessed this incident or not.

  15. I tell you what Paul, the next time someone says to me, “Maybe you were right about so and so but whatever is said or written about (insert name) never doubt them. You don’t know them, you can’t see in their eyes.” my bullshite meter is going to kick in pretty pronto and shout “Danger Warning – Danger Warning”. Because my instinct told me then something was not right.

  16. Filthy comments written about Madeleine Viv, what a bloody cheek you nutter. You have written the most vile comments about the poor girl. Don’t you get it Viv, Bren is only one of hundreds who have been led up the garden path. You better than anyone should know. Hundreds of posts per day on your blog Viv at one time. Now look at it, it’s only you talking to yourself dear. Did all those posters realise that they were being led up the same path too? Yes. I was one of them. Biggest mistake I ever made listening to the likes of you and your Portugues cronies. Vile woman what you are.

  17. I think the answer is she went much earlier that night.  

    She went earlier that night.  What do you mean?  She was taken earlier? Or she died? There is no proof in the files that Madeleine McCann is deceased and until there is proof I am now of the opinion that it is disrespectful to Madeleine McCann to class her as any other than a missing child who could well be alive.

    no one should be making money of out Madeleine, they should just be concerned about her and all the lies that people have told, that clearly includes her own parents with all of their contradictory stories.

    Oh come off it Viv, if this was your child would you not do everything in your power to continue the search?  Would you not fund-raise?  I know if it was my son missing irrespective of whether he was 3 or 30 I would do everything in my power to try and find him and that includes raising funds for private investigators.

    Then there are the rest of the TAPAS group who refused to go back for a reconstruction, that was required by both British and Portuguese Police and it just shows where their priorities lay.

    Have you read Kate’s book and how the Police had Matthew Oldfield in tears and were trying to make him confess to passing Madeleine through the window to a third party.  Then these people witnessed the Police make Kate and Gerry arguidos. Well I will be honest if I had been one of those Tapas members, I would have done exactly the same as they did and sought legal advice and if my lawyer said “Don’t go, without sureties with regards to this and that.”  I would have listened and took his advice.

  18. Bren, I think you will find if you check back that I always argued British Police and CEOP were not protecting the McCanns, regardless of the abuse that was heaped upon me for standing my ground.  There is absolutely no reason why they would do such a thing and I still cannot understand why you came up with all those reasons.  

    There did use to be a lot of posters on my blog, all arguing just one thing, the dogs prove Maddie died.  When I read the files and announced that was not true and that I would no longer be arguing for that on the blog, off they went.  I have never been in any doubt there was an ulterior motive for the behaviour.  

    I have been quite candid in pointing out I do not care how many people post on there, it is my blog where I will write about the case the way I see it.  But it is a great pity we all believed in those dog stories in the British Press never mind the Portuguese in the early days.  What I still find unforgivable is that to this day, people persist in that four years later in spite of the Portuguese files being released.

    Finally on the GASPAR statement that is evidence in the case and I could understand British Police not wanting these sort of details being produced.  I believe it was one of the items British Police tried to stop the Portuguese from publishing but inevitably with such a vast amount of information, some went through that were not intended for public consumption.  I am sure the email exchange between Ricardo Paiva and DC Marshall dated October 2007, after Goncalo had been removed from the case and discussing the Paynes, comes into that category.  Payne is telling a dramatically different story by that stage as to the last time he saw Maddie in the apartment with Kate and Gerry around 5 pm, not 7 pm.  

    I do not believe Madeleine disappeared due to their much publicised neglect whilst out at dinner.  I think the answer is she went much earlier that night.  

    There is no need to adopt a pro or anti stance, no one should be making money of out Madeleine, they should just be concerned about her and all the lies that people have told, that clearly includes her own parents with all of their contradictory stories.  Then there are the rest of the TAPAS group who refused to go back for a reconstruction, that was required by both British and Portuguese Police and it just shows where their priorities lay.  

    Finally “Paul” I can see that the need to be insulting is enduring among many posters on this case.  That does not bother me.  

  19. Bren, I am sure you are aware, I have been arguing for the last three years that Madeleine is legally a missing person and she is entitled to that legal classification because there is no clear evidence of what became of her.  

    Since when did “went” mean dead?  Are you just resorting to being obtuse?  You know perfectly well I believe it is more likely she was removed from the apartment alive and that the McCanns were involved in that, Gerry, in particular.  

    What I struggle with is your black and white thinking and it afflicts so many people who write on this case.  Firstly, you were a die hard death theorist and it was the parents, now you are a die hard abduction theorist and it was not the parents.  It is more than clear that not just the Portuguese but also the British believe they are involved in her disappearance, but just to clarify, disappearance does not mean “death”, although that obviously remains a possibility, investigated by both British and Portuguese Police.  

    I think that really your comments just confirm you have always been a McCann apologist.  The McCanns have always refused to co-operate properly with the police, have always attacked the police and now claim to still be fundraising to conduct their own “investigation” when one of the best law enforcement agencies in the world is on the case.  I think there is a distinction between what the real police want to investigate and what Kate and Gerry want investigating, i.e. anything that does not involve them.  The trouble is with the McCann approach is, it is beyond absurd.

    If it was my child Bren, I would never have left her alone to cry, even after she complained, and I would never try to explain why I not only left them alone but also left both doors unlocked.  There is no innocent explanation for that.  If I had gone on holiday and neglected her just as badly as they describe I would have been completely honest with the police and begged them to just look for her, and most certainly, I would answer every single question they put my way, honestly.   I would have told the general public it is my fault I lost my little girl, do not ever leave children alone, do not leave doors unlocked.  That would inevitably mean that every time I answered the question the answer would be the same.  But with the McCanns they only choose to answer questions in the media and their answers are always different.  That is the mark of a couple who have a great deal to hide. 

    Thus I would have no need of the public’s money, only the real police have the means and the authority to find Madeleine.   There has never been a couple in history who have behaved as these two do, so do not try and tell me what I would have done, Bren.  

    I do not need to read Kate’s book Bren, I have been listening to them for the last four years and I have read all of the case files, cover to cover.  What she can tell us four years down the line has given her a lot of thinking time.  If she had provided the most basic of maternal care for Madeleine, a positive legal duty of care that is, we would not be having this discussion would we.  She is not the one deserving of sympathy, it is the little three year old helpless child that she so miserably failed who deserves all of that.  Kate can look after herself, Madeleine could not, she relied upon Kate.  

    You spend the most incredible amount of time on this case with all of your various blogs and fora, people are bound to wonder why that is.  

  20. Viv, firstly I have questioned every theory, I may have posted could this have happened, but I don’t think I have ever said this did happen. And at times I did believe that poor child could have been dead, because again we were being lead by our noses to think that way. 

    Oh I forgot for a minute one of your insane theories that you suspected that they sold their own child… how stupid.

    Secondly what I do with my time and the interest I show in this case is my own affair.  People can wonder what they like, and I don’t have to give explanations to anyone what I do with my time.  

    God even my husband never questions or wonders what I do with my time, and I take great personal distaste to other people thinking I am answerable to them.  

    If you care to look Headlines forum is closed, my account removed from the 3as and MCF and I have not made any posts recently on the headlines blog. 

    When I was speaking about doing everything to find your child, nobody knows what fate may bestow them, people go missing at any age not just children and if you were their parent wouldn’t you do all you can to try to find them. I know I would.

  21. This grande u-turn is hardly credible and today that image was confirmed.
    You were led up the garden path???? Come on. You’re making excuses for yourself. The truth is, you made the wrong choice.

    The 3A Forum was not a reflection of society. It was an aggressive minority, nutters, led by a few people who suffered from insanity and its members were people who were drawn into a mob for the digital lynch of parents of a missing child, to make them publicly condemned, even before an arrest or a judge came along. That was your choice.

    The majority, the public, made another choice out of honesty, decency and a healthy sense of values: innocent untill proven otherwise and nobody knows how many people never doubted the McCanns, despite the same allegations they were fed with.

    This Felicity123 or Vivposter used the opportunity to smear and slander the McCanns again, right under your noice. Now what choice did you make then? You let it happen. Accepted again the same lies and twist of facts all the anti’s do in the same lynch job, printed right under your apology, while the truth is there for everyone to read.

    You have changed your opinion, but you haven’t changed at all.
    It is just an illusion.

    • Chicane I am speaking the truth, I have said time and time again I wish I had never created the 3a’s.  It was a cess-pit and for that I have regrets.  And I did make the wrong choices and for that I am truly sorry.

      But you can’t deny that many people were lead by the noses. When people tell you they have contact with someone and they are genuine  and they speaking the truth, you believe them.

      What this episode has taught me is never to trust another thing a person tells me on the internet.  How said is that in life, never to trust anyone every again that you speak to on the internet.  I have learnt the hard way, people use you, when you are of no use to their agenda you are tossed aside.

      That is not making excuses that is speaking the truth.  

      Of course I could delete Viv’s remarks and act as if they never existed, but what good will that do honestly, to argue your point and prove her wrong does more benefit than you could imagine.

      When you can ruin a persons argument and show readers that the other persons comments are nothing but venomous and solely created on a biased opinion and they refuse to even consider reading a book (a book that tells you more than the files do about certain things) in order to come to a different opinion.  Then you show how blinkered people are and how people need to really read all sides of the argument to get to the truth.

      As for her stupid comments about what she would have done if she had been in the McCanns position, well as I said to her if it was her child she would move heaven and earth and do all she could to find her child.  And nobody can say what they would or would not do until they are in the same situation, we can all say we would do this that and the other but when the time comes we could do something completely different.

      I don’t agree with her comments Chicane, at all, but to me it just proves to readers of this blog that they are stuck back in 2007 and use the old “We have nothing else to bash the parents with lets bring out leaving the kids alone stick.”

      What nobody can understand is that if the McCanns could have had a crystal ball and hindsight they would never have thought it safe and they would never have left their children. Kate and Gerry McCann have said it time and time again, but people refuse to listen.

      The likes of people that bring out the same old “leave the kids” argument to me show that they are bloody wonderful and must be saints, because each of us have made mistakes with our children.  There is no such thing as a perfect parent.  I bet every parent can remember a time when they held their heart in their mouth and thought “that was lucky”.

      Unfortunately you can only change a persons perspective of things if you are prepared to put forward a valid argument to support why you  think in such a certain manner and what has made you form that opinion.  But the truth is in life there will be those that are not prepared to agree to disagree but want the final word. 

      I have changed my opinion and nothing Viv or any anti ever says again can make me change my opinion and I will remain steadfast in the fact that Madeleine is a missing child who needs to be found. To keep blaming her parents does nothing to help find Madeleine other than to cause her parents added pain.  And that is wrong.

  22. Bren,

    3a was ok  and pretty even-handed until you allowed that s*it stirrer Bennett in and subscribed to his mantra.

     I and others warned you against it at the time.

    You being protective of that animal Laffin – I never got that.Do explain the fascination – please.
    That’s when you lost a lot of good people and things went pearshape.What you did to Janz’s son is shameful – a full apology to her and her family would be a starting point to allowing you back into civilised society

    And *** need not gloat – rearguard action is her forte after all – she welcomed Bennett with open arms too.

     Shouty ***’s moral compass never pointed the right way.Hence only 5 regular posters to her wee site So make up please ladies – a child is missing – you both have brains -employ those

    Turn ‘handbags at dawn’ into something worthwile. And some ex-mods might even join you.

    Note: have removed BB’s real name.

  23. shouty *** is bonnybraes or BB

    Note: Have removed BB’s real name

  24. I do regret and feel very remorseful for what I did to Janz and her son, they didn’t deserve that whatsoever. And I am truly sorry for my actions, and just because I felt I was being provoked, it still was no justification to what I did to Janz.  What I did was unforgivable.

    As for Laffin, I was being told,  the “evil” pros were out to get him banned from every forum.  They were out to ruin him because he won’t give up fighting for justice.

    Justice my arse, it was and still is nothing more than a witchhunt, to which I was party of in those days and so blinkered that I couldn’t see it. There was and still is no desire for Justice for Madeleine from these people, all it was and still is,  an excuse to demonise her parents one more time.

    Justice for Madeleine would have been doing all you could to find that child, and let the law do their job.  If there were any crimes committed it should have been the Judge and jury to decide their fate, not a bunch of people on the internet.

    And believe it or not, perhaps this mob turning on me, has taught me lessons I needed to learn.  As for BB1 and MsMarbles, one of the very first posts on this forum was to MsMarbles wishing her a speedy recovery.  No way would I wish ill-health on anyone and to be honest I don’t want to be part of the fights any more.

    Sometimes things happen for a reason, and I saw a side to people, who previously I had condemned.  People like Mum21, Majic, Duece along with others put all things aside to offer support when my dog was seriously ill.

    I saw people for what they really are, kind and supportive and not what others were trying to paint them as.  And for their support I will be forever grateful.

  25. Sorry, but your sob apology doesn’t wash, as far as I am concerned you are still an attention seeking nutter.  

    You have made your apology, if you are that sorry why don’t you just go away?

  26. I am also very sorry for all the pain caused to the McCanns so I have decided to make my blog available to invited readers only. I will be back soon with a new edited version where all my posts where I falsely accused the McCanns of murdering and abusing their daughter will be gone as will all the disgusting comments I allowed by all those sick people who used me and pretended to be friends.

    I plan to dedicate my blog for fundraising for various charities. 

    I suffer from mood swings.

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