Wake Up and Smell the Coffee


When you wake up and smell it. Fresh ground coffee is one of the best smells ever along with the smell of fresh baked bread. Where I live in the alley between the car park and the High Street was a small, and I mean small almost kiosk like, shop. That shop sold every kind of fresh ground coffee you could think of. Unfortunately that shop has now gone after being there for years and that alley has never smelt the same.

As I used to walk through that alley on a Saturday morning I could never resist popping in and buying that fresh ground Costa-Rican coffee.

The taste and smell was out of this world and I do miss that shop.

There is a saying:

“Wake up and smell the coffee!”

which means,

“Pay attention and face reality!”

And when you do that, it is just as invigorating as the smell of that coffee that used to hit my nostrils every Saturday morning.

Many people speak about the McCann’s using the funds for legal fees.  But let us face reality and the reasons why.

The McCanns state they are innocent, there is no concrete proof in the files that implicates them in the disappearance of their daughter.  They have NEVER been charged with a crime, and they have never been in a Court Room.

Now we have one-man that, in between defacing road signs and oiling the wheels of his trolley, finds it necessary to hound, stalk and harass the McCann’s, their family and their friends along with anybody that helps them or speaks up for them.  In the grand scheme of things even though the McCann’s have used Carter Ruck to try and silence him, he is nothing really other than an annoyance.

The people that do have influence into what people think is not Tony Bennett and the Madeleine Foundation, but Goncalo Amaral, and the other people who are directly connected to the case.  It is only natural for people to think “Well if the Policeman thinks that they are involved, they must be.”  And they do this without even checking a single fact or taking the time out to question a single thing.

So these are the people that the McCann family have to stop, because if people start to believe the Policeman and his entourage, then the search for their daughter gets hindered in the process, along with their reputations.  If people believe the Policeman over the parents, then they will not bother to read the facts of the case and they will blindly take it, without questioning, that Madeleine McCann is in fact dead and the parents are too blame. People won’t bother looking for Madeleine and people won’t bother supporting the family of a missing child.  That is the damage that could be done with regards to a missing child.

It is like the Police when they go after the drug dealers, yes they could bust the kid on the street selling it to his mates, or the guy that passed it on for him to sell.  But the real person they want is the top man. The main supplier, the source.  Take him out and then do disrupt the chain of supply.

Now I have woken up and smelt that coffee, and my god you don’t know how refreshing it is, I can now fully understand why the McCann’s have taken this action against Goncalo Amaral and others. It is not out of spite or vengeance that they have taken this action, they take this action to stop the knock on effect that will happen if people believe that their daughter is dead and they are complicit.

If you were in the position that the McCann’s are and someone was profiting by selling books and preaching to TV stations around the world you were complicit in the disappearance of your child, would you not want to stop them?  I know I would.

Many policeman write books about crimes and the investigations they have solved, BUT, they only write them once the culprit is behind bars.  Once the culprit has been given a fair trial, and found guilty on the evidence heard in an open Court.

They don’t write books about people who they think could be involved, and blatantly tell the world that this child is dead,  something which has NOT been proven.  There is one inconclusive forensic report, two dogs barking, no body and yet he finds that evidence conclusive in the fact that Madeleine McCann is dead.  Get real… would you want the world to give up on finding your child on inconclusive evidence of their death?  Because that is what is happening if people believe this Policeman, they will give up on Madeleine McCann.

Mind you some already have, that is self evident when they put RIP after their tweets and post comments about her being dead.

You see this little girl – well the truth is she is still missing  – there is NO proof of her death – and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.



6 comments on “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

  1. If you were in the position that the McCann’s are and someone was
    profiting by selling books and preaching to TV stations around the world
    you were complicit in the disappearance of your child, would you not
    want to stop them?  I know I would.

    Without question.

  2. Hello Maria, I at first thought there was some massive cover-up but there is no evidence to support that.  

    Personally I think it was what Goncalo Amaral has said, the PJ would put more officers on a cars being taken than a missing child.  I do feel the Police were out of their depth and things went drastically wrong.  Mistakes were made and Goncalo admits to mistakes being made.

    How the McCann family got so much media attention is because of their contacts and the contacts of people around them and family.  

    As for publishing emails, no way would I publish our personal correspondence. Maria we might not think the same about this case but that should not cause a rift between us and we can continue to discuss it. I hope you are keeping well. xx

  3. You know, Bren, because i write to You that i beleive in Investigation Team Portuguese and in a big cover up from Uk about the case, Madeleine´s case.

    You know better than me how many high profiles from Uk manipulated all.

    You know also my no english…. so i can not write much more.

    If You wish , You can spread my e-mails. They are not diferents .

    I wish to You the best and a good health. 


  4. Love this post! I am so tired of people bashing the McCann’s, especially on Twitter. That is just so ridiculous. Obviously, they have no lives. I believe she was abducted, and I do not believe the parents are responsible. IF they were, then why the hell would they spend years trying to find her? If they killed her, they wouldn’t. Amaral is a scumbag and should NEVER be taken seriously. 

    • I used to be one of them at one point, but it was only by re-evaluating things, reading and not ignoring the bits that were important that I found the error of my ways.  

      Like a village idiot, I believed the lies and the spin, but luckily over the course of time I started to question, I started to see things did not fit rightly and we were not being told the whole truth.  And one big question I had about Amaral was if he was holding onto information that could bust this case wide open and find the truth about Madeleine was they hell was he sitting on it and not doing all he could to re-open the case?

      Then it dawned on me slowly, there is nothing, there is no smoking gun, there is no conspiracy, and the truth about Amaral had not been told to people.  It was Carana, who gave me the link to where Amaral had been made an arguido the day after Madeleine went missing.

      And to read that, was a real wake up call, where I was still giving the benefit of the doubt I realised that something now was totally amiss.  We were being led by the nose that the evil parents and their hired detectives was setting up Amaral over the Cipriano case.  When that is not the truth, he was in it up to his neck prior to Madeleine going missing.

  5. Thank You Bren by the answer.  In our days Police have very few men . But from Lisbon went more to help.

    If the Team had failed, i don´t know about Madeleine´s case but we have here the Rui Pedro´s case and in this….. oh yes, North PJ i think they failed very much. We are waiting by the trial….13 years after because the ” fronteiras” where not closed…….Rui Pedro. His Mother is anoretic now, in danger life.

    About me: i am keeping well in some days or hours. I said ” i had days and hours” But today i feel well, thank You.

    I hope that You feel well also.


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