The Investigation Should Continue

Too right it should

There are many out there, that say Kate and Gerry McCann are doing nothing but arse-covering with their request for a review.

But the truth is none of us are privy to what they are doing behind the scenes.  None of us know how many letters they have sent, who they have sent them to and what replies they have received.

Therefore without knowing the full facts and reading all correspondence, nobody can categorically say their request for a review/re-opening is just a farce and being carried out to make themselves look good.

I have never seen this video before, it’s dated back to May 12th 2011 when Kate and Gerry were promoting Kate’s book called ‘Madeleine’.  They speak to ITN about the search, what questions they are asking and why they have written to David Cameron.

Gerry McCann – The key thing though is Madeleine’s done nothing wrong, she’s an innocent child and Whoever is responsible for her abduction is still out there. There’s other children that are at risk and people need to remember that. That Madeleine’s missing and those responsible have not been brought to justice. And that’s why the investigation should continue as much as anything.

Now can someone please tell me why two people would risk going to jail, losing their children, having the book thrown at them if they were guilty of such a heinous crime?

Can someone tell me how you can calmly dispose of your child, go home, get showered, act normally and go out to dinner without showing ANY signs of distress and be in the company of people who know you without them figuring out something is wrong and that you are acting weird?

Can someone please tell me how you manage to coax 7 other people and get them all to put their families, their livelihoods and their children all on the line and risk going to jail, if caught, in a foreign country, in order to help you cover up the death of your child?

Can someone tell me why these parents after 4 years, are still in the limelight, raising money for the search for their daughter, when they know if they are found to be lying after all this time they would have every charge imaginable laid against them?

Can someone please tell me why, if these people are so guilty, would they write an open letter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (the man that has the power to do give orders to the Home Office and the Police) begging him for help and pleading with him to help them move the investigation into their daughters disappearance forward?

And above all, can someone please tell my why some people want to write an innocent child off as dead without concrete proof?  And why they are prepared to do this without a body being found and without a forensic report that categorically states there is forensic evidence to support a death of that child? And why would they do this knowing full well that the forensic report in the files categorically states that the samples collected when tested were inconclusive?  And why are they prepared to ignore the most important  fact that the samples taken for analysis when tested did NOT match the DNA profile of Madeleine McCann? And please do not say the dogs, because the dogs can only indicate, it is the forensic analysis that determines if the dogs findings are correct or not.

Can someone tell me they would not do all the McCann’s have done if it was their child missing?  I know I would and I know for a fact, if I knew I was innocent and it seemed the Police in another Country were trying to make me confess or blame me for committing a crime, I knew full well I didn’t commit, I would exercise my legal rights and get out of the Country and back on home soil as quick as I could.

And can someone tell me how anyone can find it justifiable for someone to ask for £75,000 (roughly at the time 80,000 euros) back in 2009 for an interview.  And use the excuse, because the media had not used his other interviews and censored him, he was now going to charge them so if they failed to air the interview they were out of pocket and not him?

This is a missing child we are talking about, not some new found bloody perfume or popularity contest. A real-life little girl who is out there somewhere and a little girl who needs to be found and whoever harmed her put behind bars so that they can NEVER harm another child again.

Guilty people do NOT behave in this manner.  They might initially be in the spotlight, to throw the scent off of themselves, but once the media frenzy has died down and the investigation is drawing a blank they quietly fade into the background and just phone the police now and then to see if there are any new leads.  They don’t put their freedom at risk unless they are psychopaths and serial killers.  And that is something that Kate and Gerry McCann aren’t, they are NOT psychopaths and they are NOT killers.


3 comments on “The Investigation Should Continue

  1. Excellent article!  Everything I have thought myself from the beginning and still do today.  I wish the whole could read this, especially the naysayers.

  2. *whole world

  3. Hello Liz and thank you for your comment.  Guilty people don’t act like the McCanns do.  

    And the truth is some people are creating myths and passing them of as fact.  

    Unless a person is prepared to go through the files inch by inch to see if what someone is saying is the truth or not, they will simply assume the person who wrote the piece was speaking factual and has already done the research to back up their statement.If the makes sense.

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