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facebookAm I missing something?

Why is it that people want this page to go?  And why the cry about exploiting children?  Let us put things into perspective here, by the terms and conditions of Facebook you have to be 13 to have an account.  A 13 year old is a teenager, my god in 3 years time they could be out working and earning a living.  Wake up to the real world, some 13 year old children are parents.

And can someone tell me what is so wrong about teenagers thinking of others before themselves?  Surely that should be applauded and encouraged, not condemned.  If a child thinks of others before themselves that to me shows they have the makings of being a fine adult. Someone who cares and someone who is willing to help all they can.

And to all those people who are saying it is so wrong for children to think of ways to help raise funds, I say this if your child goes to Scouts, Beavers, Brownies, Guides or any other club do you demand that their club be closed down if the children are asked to think of ways to help raise funds for their clubs? When their school has fund-raising events to raise funds for something new, do you demand that they stop exploiting your children?

Do you go to the Local Scouts/Guide leader and demand they close their clubs down when you witness the guides and cubs helping to pack your shopping in the local supermarket?  Or do you do as I do, and reward them?  When the Scouts come around on “Bob a job week” do you rip the Scout Master to shreds for exploiting children?

If you want to do something about exploiting children, help those that are forced to work at the ages of 7 or maybe younger.  Children from the third world who do not have any of the luxuries our children have. Help the children who are roaming the streets scavenging for food to live. Stop unscrupulous adults from exploiting those children, they need your help far more than the teenagers on Facebook.

I can remember back to October 1966 when the Aberfan disaster happened and 116 children and 28 adults lost their lives, innocent children and adults who were just sitting there in the class-room learning or doing their normal daily things.  Killed by a freak accident of a spoil-tip slide caused by heavy rain.  I was 8 at the time, and I wanted to do something, so I made a guy and went out doing “Penny for the Guy”. The money I raised was sent to the Aberfan appeal.  My parents never stopped me, they encouraged me. And not once did they think the appeals were exploiting me.

Personally I think it is better that a 13-year old is using technology to help people rather than standing on street corners threatening and abusing their neighbours and causing damage to other people’s property.  Or using technology to play games that can result in addiction. Yes it does happen, there is not just drug addiction or alcohol addiction affecting some teenagers, there is also online-gaming addiction. An addiction where children spend every waking hour thinking of their next role-play move, or how to build their characters up. Boys and girls who have no desire to do anything other than play these games. Google is there for all to read.

But nothing would be said, would it, if those children were on another Facebook page raising awareness for another missing child, any child other than Madeleine McCann.  The only real reason some people are so up in arms is because these teenagers are helping the McCann family whose child is missing.

A little girl only recently has been in the papers because she wanted to do something for Madeleine, but no instead of being encouraged and applauded, her and her parents are torn to shreds. Yes with the usual remarks that these people don’t know the truth and they are being deceived by the McCanns. Does it matter how far she walks and if her mother has her hair done, and paints her nails? The fact that this child wants to do something for someone is lost amongst the anger and negativity portrayed because it involves the McCann family.

What truth? The truth there is no conclusive forensic evidence to say that Madeleine is dead and no evidence to support the theory that her parents are involved.  The truth that the police failed and even the ex-detective admits to failures in the case but does not take full responsibility for the failures but turns it into being the McCann’s fault.

It does no harm whatsoever for a child to think of others before themselves and the McCann’s are not some cult leaders that are going to draw children into a sect and brainwash them.  Get real for Pete’s sake.

And just one more thing, if any child is on Facebook under the age of 13, the McCanns are not to blame, the blame lies solely with the parents for not monitoring their child’s internet activity.


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  1. So this is what the “up in arms” is all about then. Well unfortunately we live in a world where those that want to harm our children do not have a minimum age for their victims.  They don’t wait until they are a certain age, an age where it is the right time to tell children “Never go off with strangers”.

    So a mother is condemned for watching the youtube videos about Madeleine, personally I would not have carried that out with my own child at that age, but that still does not give me the right to tell another parent how and what to do with their child.

    How many people, have the news on and children watch it.  How many kids see, blood on the walls from wars and hear about children being blown up.  Only recently on the news there was a report about how terrorists told a child to carry a package to somewhere, she was I think 8 years old, the package exploded killing her.  How many have parents have allowed their children to watch soaps or have had children in the room when they have watched the omnibus edition on a Sunday afternoon?

    The world we live in is not a safe place and as a parent we have to do what is right and if warning our children not to go off with strangers or the facts that there are people out there that want to harm kids, it can’t be a bad thing if at the end of the day a child’s life is saved.  It is too late once the event has happened.

    How is Kate McCann responsible for what that mother does with her own child?  She isn’t, yes I suppose they could delete the comments, but things like this need to be discussed.  Parents know their own children and parents can calm fears in their children and tell them how to stay safe without putting the fear of god into them.

    We could however wrap our children up in cotton wool and never let them out of our sights until they are at least 25, we don’t want them being problem teenagers do we?  But truth is we can’t, at some point we have to let them go and we can’t be with them 24/7 watching over them. I however think it is wise to tell children how to stay safe.  And you don’t have to scare them to death to do this.

  2. Maybe Pamalam but the truth is so do forum, blogs and sites that are open to public viewing give a platform and information about Madeleine being snatched from her bed.  Children at school are taught computers, my god some of them are better at technology than their parents.  Kids learn at such a young age about using the internet.

    Some sites go even further and give a platform that can be read by any child where adults proclaim that child is dead and the parents harmed her.  That must be harmful to a child to read that.

    Sites owners have the power to put all their sites behind closed doors and only allow registered members to read and tell members if they ever find out they are allowing children to view the content they will be banned.  Youtube themselves allow the videos of Madeleine to be uploaded to their site, without viewing restrictions. And kids love watching Youtube and with just a couple of clicks they could stumble across any video that could be seen as distressing.

    What about the sites that discuss the Elizabeth Smart case and JonBenet Ramsey case that are on public view and by being open to the public there are no restrictions to stop children reading the gory details.

    No offence Pamalam but I think Kate’s Facebook page is being singled out here. I have read and seen far worse on forums and blogs than what I have seen on that Facebook page and all in the public domain.

  3. Hi Bren
    You miss my point.
    I am not saying that the McCanns are exploiting children. What I am saying is that it gives other people a platform to exploit young children. This I cannot agree with, young children should not be exposed to information about a young child being snatched from its bed. The lasting mental anguish on the young children would be devastating to there mental health.
    Kate McCann has the power to stop them using the facebook page as a platform.
    Cheers Pamalam

  4. Of course Kate’s site is being singled out.
    The reason being that she is Madeleine’s mother; she has a lot power and influence over the people who post on OMFB site.
    Advice from Kate would have a big impact on what people post. Especially if she advised people not to involve under age children in any of the campaigns.
    The under age children is my only concern, beyond that I do not have a problem with the page, and no I don’t think it should be closed down.
    Cheers Pamalam

  5. Hi Pamalam, there are those that do wish the page to be closed, that can’t be denied.  
    Maybe Kate does have the power and influence but unfortunately there is a saying “don’t do as I do, do as I tell you”.  Everyone expects Kate to do this and that and make a moral stand whilst other people then sit back and refuse to practice what they preach. 

    If Kate is expected to take the lead on her Facebook page, perhaps it is time we all took the lead and thought about what we are writing on the internet, what videos we are posting and whether children could have the opportunity to watch them.  If Kate is guilty of not showing moral guidance so is everyone else that has material that contains any images or wordings that lead to children knowing that Madeleine was snatched from her bed.

    When the Shrek appeal went out in the cinemas I did not approve of that.  Parents should have the right to tell their children what they want, when they want and in what circumstances they want.  Parents know their own children and they know what they can and can’t deal with.

    Unfortunately in today’s age some children are having to deal with the harsh realities of war. Children younger than that child are having to deal with the fact that their father or their mother will never be coming home, due to them being killed.

    Children have to deal with family tragedies, some children have to learn to deal with a parent dying from cancer.  We can’t shield our children from everything and the onus for this incident lies solely at the mother’s door.  She was the person that subjected her child to watching the videos.  

    For a start we don’t know what videos she watched. But like having to deal with a death in the family when it involves telling children, there is a correct and proper way to handle it and to put it into words that do not cause mental distress that warrants a child needing psychological help in the future.

    Many children see something on the TV and start crying and they get all worried and as parents we calm their fears and tell them we love them and are there to protect them.

    We live in a world where predators don’t tell children “I am going to take you to hurt you”, they are sly and they are cunning.  They gain the confidence of the child and lie and tell them “their mum has sent them to collect them from school” or they tell them “their mum has sent them to pick them up and take them to where their mum is”.

    There is no minimum age to the children these people attack.  And if handled in the right way, even if tears are shed, a child could learn they are still loved and never to go off with anyone no matter what that person says.  Children can be taught at a young age there are nasty people in the world and told by their parents that they will do all they can to protect them and tell their children never to feel frightened to tell them if someone does offer them treats to do this or if someone hurts them.

    When I was younger, we had far more freedom, I doubt if there were any more paedophiles around today as there was back then, we were told to keep away from “that dirty old man” and “never go with strangers”.  We had far more freedom than children today have, which is a shame because we had such wonderful, free and fun-packed childhood times.  Yes we got up to mischief but we were not restricted no where near as much as children are today.  Today children I think are missing out on a whole lot of fun.

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