Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

wolves in sheeps clothingOr just cowards?

So I changed my opinion, I read the files and did my research, and then decided that there is nothing in the files that warrants the persecution of the parents of a missing child.

All the evidence that the anti-McCann brigade have is inconclusive.  They are using parts of reports that suit their agenda whilst ignoring the summaries and conclusions.

They are ignoring the forensic reports that are in the files and relying solely on the words of an ex-detective.

There is NO DNA of Madeleine’s in the hired car.

One possible reason for the death scent in apartment 5A, Martin Grime explains clearly. That reason being that the scent detected in the bedroom could be the result of air circulation.

Both Keela and Eddie alerted to the same spot. Both Eddie and Keela can alert to dried blood from a living or dead person.

One thing Martin Grime is insistent of in his summary is this.


The tasking for this operation was as per my normal Standard Operating Procedures. The dogs are deployed as search assets to secure evidence and locate human remains or Human blood.

The dogs only alerted to property associated with the McCann family. The dog alert indications MUST be corroborated if to establish their findings as evidence.

Therefore in this particular case, as no human remains were located, the only alert indications that may become corroborated are those that the CSI dog indicated by forensic laboratory analysis.

My professional opinion as regards to the EVRD’s alert indications is that it is suggestive that this is ‘cadaver scent’ contaminant. This does not however suggest a motive or suspect as cross contamination could be as a result of a number of given scenarios and in any event no evidential or intelligence reliability can be made from these alerts unless they can be confirmed with corroborating evidence.

When it comes to the dogs marking the clothing nobody wants to question why Gerry signed for 4 boxes and 2 suitcases and there are pictures of 5 boxes and 2 suitcases.

Based on all of this and more I changed my opinion, I don’t approve of them leaving those children night after night, never have and never will, but the Public Prosecutor decided against charging them with neglect because he felt the neglect was not committed with intent. And that to me means that keep going on about neglect and wanting them charged is not helping to find out what happened or who harmed Madeleine McCann.

Kate and Gerry McCann will have to live with the consequences of their decisions that fateful holiday for the rest of their lives.  Even if Madeleine was found tomorrow it will never take away the guilt they feel for making those decisions. They have a life-sentence to live forever, a sentence that will never end not until the day they die.

But whether I change my mind because of what I read or not one thing it has proven to me is that some of the anti-McCann supporters are no better than those they have been criticising for the past four years, the people who have supported the McCann family from the beginning.

Because I have changed my mind, there are people out there now that have turned the attack onto me.  Fine my shoulders are broad enough and as for your friendship well it was never worth nothing in the first place, if you are acting so shallow.  If you can’t be friends with a person with a difference of opinion, you are nothing but shallow minded and not worth having as a friend as far as I am concerned.

A person is allowed to change their opinion, that is their right.  Mind you some people have really now proven to me that what others have said about them is actually true.

If any of you think I want to be part of a collective, you are very sadly mistaken. I have family and friends in the real-world and this cyber-world is something that I can live without if I choose.

Now I suppose to stop the hounding of myself I could go away do what some have done, re-invent myself and with my new head argue the case.  But why should I, I have nothing to be ashamed of and I have nothing to hide.  And like the McCann’s I do NOT have to prove anything to narrow-minded, hateful people, like yourselves.   People who are so caught up in their hate for the McCann’s that they will turn on the devil, should the devil ever decide not to persecute the parents of a missing child.

Are these people worthy of my friendship? .. definitely not.  They as far as I am concerned are not worth the time of day.  They can do what they want, of course, they will continue their diatribe of insults and accusations towards me.  Do I expect anything different?  No because nothing has stopped them hounding, insulting and abusing the family of a missing child, so why should they feel any remorse when it comes to me.

And the question is really do I care?  Nope, couldn’t give a rat’s arse to be honest. But one thing they won’t do is make me want to ever be like them again.  They will never make me return to those days when I closed my mind to the truth and caused unnecessary pain to the family of a missing child. Days when I ignored niggling doubts and listened to others, instead of listening to myself, when I started to question things.

All they have proven to me is that some of them are no better than the people they have been criticising and condemning for the past 4 years. They are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing.

And do you know what the saddest part is?  They know they will have to be forever on the anti-McCann bandwagon and can never change their opinion because they know to change their opinion would result in themselves being persecuted and becoming the next target. That is something that some of them do not have the courage to face, because some of them are cowards, they will run and hide instead of fighting for what is right.

And I wonder how many of them have the actual guts to come to my home and say it to my face… I bet none of them, it is so easy on the internet isn’t it, you can say what you like and never have to say it to a person’s face, like you would do in real-life.  The internet is a easy way to abuse, bully and remain unchallenged… whereas in the real world, if what you wrote on the internet you said to someone’s face you could find yourselves having a nice view of the stars.

I have changed my opinion, I have not changed who I am and one thing I am not, is a coward unlike some.

So write your diatribe, unfriend me on facebook, block me on twitter, do your worst because people who have sense and reasoning will see the truth and they will see who is the bully and who are the not so nice people in this world.

But one thing you won’t do, is make me hound, harass and stalk people who have a missing child.  I regret those days when I was part of the anti-collective, I regret those days when I ignored those niggling doubts and never did anything about them.  I regret the days, I created a forum that turned into the most despicable place on the internet.  Clarence Mitchell was right it turned into a “cess-pit” and do you know who turned it into a “cess-pit” the anti-McCann brigade with their inane ramblings, conspiracy theories and disgusting theories.

Miss the old 3a’s … no way I am glad it has gone and I am glad it is not on google cache.  It was a hate-site, and I will have to live with the guilt of letting it turn into one.  We all have our crosses to bear in life and the 3a’s is one that I will have to bear forever.


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  2. By the joint Portuguese and UK operation, you say, then please could you answer this question? 

    Why is it that 6 officers from the UK when asked one basic question namely,”Was anything said or done by Kate or Gerry McCann in your presence or during your contacts that may have raised any suspicion that they had knowledge of what happened to Madeleine, besides the circumstances described to the Portuguese investigators?” did they all say NO?

    Surely if they thought the McCann’s were guilty of being involved they would have said yes.

    And one more thing, I have not soldout, I changed my mind. I was not paid to change my mind, I changed my mind because I listened to both sides of the argument, read the files and instead of being biased and blinkered I opened my mind.

    And once I did that I realised that there is no evidence whatsoever that implicates the McCann’s in their daughters disappearance.

  3. ‘ relying solely on the words of an ex-detective.’ Yes, whose opinion was shared by the joint UK and Portuguese operation, you sellout flake.

  4. Hi Tezza, and the truth is between the infighting between pro-v-anti lies the fate of a missing child.  Sadly forgotten and written off as dead without concrete proof by some people. 

    Nobody knows what happened to Madeleine McCann, she is out there somewhere.  I hope she is found alive, but if sadly she is not alive, she still needs to be found. And until a body is found, nobody can say with 100% certainty this child is dead.  And until that time she deserves to be classed as a missing child.

  5. Debunkered, it is not about being pro, anti, it is about a missing child.  I don’t know what happened to Madeleine McCann and even though I don’t approve of the way those children were left alone, keep harping on about it is not helping to find Madeleine and the person who harmed her.

    And just because they left those children, they know it was wrong and they are having to live with the consequences of their actions every day.  However,  because they left those children, it does NOT automatically turn them into someone prepared to commit a heinous crime which involves disposing of their child’s body.

    In the Shannon Matthews case the NPIA report said that time was wasted because of “markings” by dogs which after inquiries led to the police discovering the reasons for those markings was because of furniture and clothing originating from people who had died and people who were not connected to the case.

    Now where are the investigation reports into all items in that apartment, where the items of furniture were bought from?  Did any occupants prior to the McCann’s stay or before the dogs arrival buy anything second hand from a boot fair or market?

    Martin Grime is correct in saying that as no human remains were found then it is suggestive of cadaver scent but not conclusive.  And even if there was cadaver scent in that apartment who is to say it belongs to Madeleine McCann, cross contamination could be the reason for it being there.

    • If it was cross contamination very strange it was only on McCann things – Eddie went through all the other apartments, several other cars, even Robert Murat’s house and marked nothing.

  6. “A person is allowed to change their opinion, that is their right.  Mind you some people have really now proven to me that what others have said about them is actually true.”

    Bren I have not always agreed with you in the past but I respect your new stance and the fact that you are big enough to admit you got things wrong in the past.

    A theory is just a theory without th evidence to back it and a dogs signal is just a bark without the corroborated evidence from the forensic laboratory analysis.

    Yes the old 3A’s turned it into a “cess-pit”, thanks to the anti-McCann brigade with their inane ramblings, conspiracy theories and disgusting theories. And the Missing Madeleine forum is heading exactly the same way because of one-sided opinions.


  7. Life is strange. I was responsible for some of the shenanigans from anti-3as on the website and now you seem to be more Pro than I ever was.

  8. The point that I was making is that I merely objected to the site’s use of ‘free speach’ to pillory a couple with no real evidence. That was what riled people and why we worked so hard to bring it down (the database was fun wasn’t it).

    Do you still talk with Beowulf; is he still in Toronto?

    • I have not spoken to, or heard from Beowulf since the demise of 3a’s.  I don’t and won’t approve of what happened over the database and I will say I thought it was wrong and still think it is wrong to expose people’s private messages.  

      Even if you thought the reasons behind exposing the database were justifiable, people got hurt and their details were exposed and that was wrong.

      But on saying that, if the site had been secure, then the second database leaked would never have happened.  And as Beowulf was in charge of that side of things, the onus is on him.  However, I was wrong to ever allow him to take my founder rights away.  The day I agreed to that, even though it was put to me it was for security reasons, was the day I lost control of that forum and the day I should have walked away because after the first leak that forum should have been closed down and most definitely after the archiving report was made.

  9. I agree with what Tezza said.

    I applaud you Bren, for having the courage to share with everyone, why you changed your opinion.

    • Thank you Deuce, good to hear from you.
      Bren has made some mistakes in the past, just as Gerry and Kate did by leaving their three children alone.

      “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.
      We are all human and none of us prefect. Bren was lulled into a false sense of security and put her trust in someone who betrayed her. Gerry and Kate were lulled into a false sense of security while in ‘holiday mode’ and they believe it would be okay to leave the children unattended. Gerry and Kate are now paying the ultimate price and they certainly do not need people rubbing their noses in it. At the end of the day all of their friends did the same thing but they still have all their children. I’m not saying it makes it right but as Bren says, this is about a missing child.

  10. Chicane, I do not feel ashamed for changing my opinion, I do not have anything to hide.  Yes I wrote things day in and day out, that was very detrimental to the parents of a missing child.  That is unforgivable.  

    And I know that no matter how many times I say “I am sorry to the McCanns” it will never take away the pain I have caused them.

    Yes I could withdraw from the McCann case, walk away but that still does not put right the wrongs I have caused.

    If by posting my reasons for changing my opinions, helps or encourages another person to think twice then it goes a little way to helping the search for Madeleine.

    Surely the more people that dispel this “she is dead” thesis the better.  As for your suggestion about writing to the McCanns maybe that is something I really do need to do.  I don’t expect them ever to forgive me but I would like them to know that I hope they are reunited with their daughter soon and to offer them my apologies for ever doubting them and causing them so much pain.

    • Writing a letter to the McCanns is a start, but don’t you dare bring up your crap about the neglect issue and rub it in once more, because that was repeated here twice. Shame on you!

      • Chicane I would never do that to them, they are suffering enough every day. And for what it’s worth I do admire Kate for putting her voice to help all missing children, because that is what she is doing when she runs for charity, when she speaks about the lack of support for the parents of missing children.

        Unfortunately some people can’t see the good that could come out of her speaking to the Parliamentary Committee earlier this month or for their work in bringing in Amber Alert. Chicane they have a missing child and I am not that insensitive that I would bring up anything about their actions on that holiday.  I just want to apologise for creating a monster of a forum and the pain it must have caused them. 

  11. As a ‘mod’ on 3A’s alongside bb, nbrado and the others, I made it clear that I did not want any part of individual member politics (as I feel today).Although I felt some distance with some of them, (for good reason) I trusted Bren and I still do.She may have changed her stance and we have already (about a year ago) had some discussion about our difference of opinion but that does not change my opinion about the person I came to ‘know’.I was privy to the details about what she went through at the time and there are very few (if any) that would endure the same with as much resilience as Bren showed.Bren did not close 3A’s.She may have changed her opinion and for whatever reason chosen to post the blog (and other posts) but that will not change, what I believe , that she is a good and very caring person.She has her reasons and I will continue to respect her choices unless I learn differently.I have no problem in admiring the effort (never mind the repercussions) of what she went through in 3A and allow her to separate herself from her prior views without suddenly deciding she does not deserve the time of day.No-one can deny that she took on a major exercise by providing 3A when we needed it and she did an exceptional job to keep us all together and provide the platform when we needed it.I will always thank Bren for that and many other things.Hopefully, although I haven’t chatted for a while, she will still respect that I have different opinions.


  12. You have changed your opnion but you haven’t changed at all. You express your regrets, but that doesn’t change the fact, that you, als former owner of the most despicable forum ever appeared on Internet, are still responsible for submittend oriented, irreversiblae damage, caused by you, to the family of the missing little girl Madeleine McCann.

    It is the choice of each individual how to deal with this.
    I can accept people making bad choices and mistakes because of circumstances, distorted facts or delusions, that come to their senses and radically change course.
    We are all just people.

    With you it’s different. You had an certain position and with that comes a certain responsibility, that you abused.
    For almost 3 years, your spread your lies day in, day out and invented hatred, the core of the anti-problem, and enjoyed it having this done to people you never met.
    So if read what you’re writing:
    “I have nothing to be ashamed of and I have nothing to hide” I can only conclude: you haven’t changed at all.
    What you have done and the consequences from that for an innocent child, I can’t forget.
    What you did is unforgivable.

    From what I read, nothing has changed. It’s you again, sorry about you feeling regrets and how miserable you feel and what impact this has for the rest of your life. You drag yourself here for a heroes act out, by boasting that you’re invincible.

    You have a total lack of empathy for the parents of Madeleine who never did anything to hurt you and it is them who live their daily lives in hell for missing their child.
    These are real living people in total misery.
    That’s what it’s all about. Not you.

    I can imagine that the McCanns don’t want anything to do with you. That you must understand.
    You can sit here on the internet whining, but what you should do and should have done a long time ago, is writing a short, descend letter to inform the McCanns on a personnal level, how much you regret what you have done that caused them so much more grieve they have already experienced. Then accept the consequences for what you did to them, respective to Madeleine, by completely withdraw yourself from the McCann case and disappear in shame forever from the stage (Internet).

    Then I would feel more sympathetic to you and even respect you for that.
    I also know that you will never do this, so your words are not of any significance.



  13. About Brenda, I just write this: if she admitted she was wrong (about followed antis crap), that´s good, at least, she had the courage to admit how wrong she was (about the bullshit from the antis), the fact of her to admit this, it is a good start / result.

  14. What she did (while she was an anti) it has no excuse, but, at least, Brenda is on the right path, the fact of her recognized how wrong she was, it requires courage, at least, Brenda has the courage to admit it which is a thing that the antis don´t have.

    Good for Brenda.

  15. Although I agree with Chicane.

    I repeat what I wrote above: anonymous comments.

  16. Although I wrote my comments above, I also agree with Chicane.

  17. I believe Brenda is being honest about her comment above.


    Let´s all please, focus in finding a living, findable Madeleine McCann, because Madeleine is what really matters.

    • Anon I am being honest, tonight on twitter there is some of the sickest comments I have ever read about a missing child.  Comments that are beneath contempt. And the more I see the more I know how wrong I was.

      Madeleine is all that should matter, and everything needs to be done to find her, and any other missing child.  No parent should have to go through the torment of begging for help in finding their child.  

      Kate’s book was so enlightening, even though I realise how painful it must have been for her to write that I am glad she did.  Reading that book has told me many things I never knew.  Things that if I had known from the beginning I would never have ignored.  

      Kate tells of cases where children were attacked whilst on holiday in Portugal.  Cases that she heard about by Bill Henderson and cases she read in the files.  Those children have been violated and whether this is the person who has harmed Madeleine or not he still needs to be caught and punished for his crimes. He has accosted 5 children, and attempted to accost 3 more children and all these cases happened whilst the parents were in the apartment.

      These are details we have never been told, like we were never told that Goncalo Amaral was made an arguido the day after Madeleine disappeared.  That one I only learnt late last year/early this year.

      There is a lot of information out there that people have been told is rubbish but when you check further and deeper this information is genuine and not rubbish.

  18. I agree with this:

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.We are all human and none of us prefect. Bren was lulled into a false sense of security and put her trust in someone who betrayed her.

    Gerry and Kate were lulled into a false sense of security while in ‘holiday mode… they certainly do not need people rubbing their noses in it. At the end of the day all of their friends did the same thing but they still have all their children. I’m not saying it makes it right but as Bren says, this is about a missing child.



    Brenda Ryan can also help in this issue.

  19. This is about Madeleine. Bren expressing why she changed her opinion and people reading Bren’s remorse for the past, can only be of benefit in many ways, for Madeleine. It can be a positive lesson for those who read and even if One more person can see what Bren saw, then that is a profound reason to welcome change, not turn your back on it.

    Madeleine relies on us all to being positive. Don’t refuse to accept good, positive things because of grudges and selfish contempt.

    Think about it. Madeleine would not care where her support came from, she would want every ONE possible to keep hope alive for her.

    • Deuce thank you, sometimes you get so embroiled in the fight between two sides that you lose sight of the objective.  The objective should have always been focussed on finding Madeleine McCann and finding the person who has harmed her. It should never have become two sides becoming enemies and holding grudges against each other and outwitting each other in snide comments on forums and blogs.

      This is not some role-playing game, which can be switched off when you are tired or fed up with playing, this is real people’s lives. This is a real-life missing child.  And the only people who do have the right to speak on her behalf are her family, her parents, her brother and sister.  People on the internet have no claim to Madeleine McCann and to make a claim on her is wrong.  She is not a commodity she is a missing little girl and she definitely does not deserve to be classed as deceased and written off, when there is absolutely nothing to prove that.

  20. A request from a forum member: ‘I wish someone would demand an answer to why she protected laffin and
    had decent respectable posters banned because they questioned his
    I think the Laffin question is one that has made a lot of us wonder what was going on and why he should be protected. He really is a thug.
    But I welcome your change of heart and am glad that you’ve made it, and it happened not because some evil pros had words in your ear and told you lies (let’s face it none of us were talking to you) but because you read the files and reassessed the evidence.

    • Preciousramotswe, as I said to Deuce the sad part is you get embroiled in the fight between the two sides.  Because of the battle that ensues you then become someone who is only prepared to listen to one side and believe them without questioning things.  And it is only when you become the outsider looking in do you see what is really happening under your nose.  It was not so much protection of Laffin, it was believing at the time that he was being victimised for his views and people wanted him off of every forum going.

      Once you step back and look in do you then start to realise what is/has been really going on. I have seen a side to people that I never thought. Now I can see things for what they really are instead of looking at things in rose tinted glasses and ignoring those who could see what I couldn’t.

      Knowing what I know now, and the comments that have been made on other forums, blogs and twitter I was wrong in allowing this behaviour to continue.  No-one should have been given free reign like he was and nobody should have been banned for their views, but they were unfortunately. 

      I can now even understand why the Daily Mirror etc shut their forums down.  And to be honest I can’t blame them.  

      As I said there was far too much concentration on other forums, blogs and their posters than there was on the fact that Madeleine McCann was missing.  That was wrong and unforgivable. 

      The evidence is not there, and one thing I have also just realised by reading Kate’s book and that is they (Kate and Gerry McCann) have far more of the files that those made public.  Nowhere can I find anything about those incidents with regards to the children being molested, yet they are in the set of files held by the McCann’s.  

      And do you know what is the most saddest part in all of this, people will walk away and turn their back on forums and blogs and give up on Madeleine McCann because they know to change their opinion is not acceptable in some people’s eyes and some people do not have the strength to openly admit they were wrong.  

      And there are people out there that will never change their opinion, even if Madeleine was found tomorrow they will never admit they were wrong.  These people are so consumed by their hatred and despise for the McCanns that to admit to the fact they got it wrong would mean them losing face by having to say “I’m sorry, I got it wrong”.

  21. So may i ask what first changed your opinion of the McCanns? You were the main instigator of the worst attacks, and the worst possible threads and posts on the old 3 Arguido site. You advocated many disgusting threads, you sanctioned many disgusting threads, and you probably started many disgusting threads.
     So why the sudden change, which started way before the book was released for yourself. Luckily i can read and speak Portuguese so i was able to read the files myself. Yes there are some missing files, withheld for security reasons (reasons which name individuals, reveal account details as such and withheld by Portugal) There are not thousands bits of evidence not released, most of it is boring legal jargon, yet the Anti’s believe there is still hidden evidence. There isn’t, the McCanns were cleared of any wrong doing on all the evidence that was there, the same evidence everybody has seen in forumland.

    However going back to the 3 Arguido site, many of the myths are still being used today, many the stupid threads like the last photo being photoshopped is still being churned out, why? Because they read it so many times they believed the lies  and still do as they cannot see further than their nose and cannot accept that they have been totally hoodwinked by the Portuguese posters whose sole agenda was to discredit the McCanns by releasing part information and then mistranslating it.
    Who can forget that the Portuguese posters totally glossed over that the PJ thought it was MURAT who did it, and that Amaral wanted him bugged and under constant surveillance. No that never came out. 
    The stories of the phone calls. There were no missing phone calls, no wiped messages, no deleted calls. The PJ had all the calls, all the messages and decided that they were of total insignificance but the Portuguese posters released that information knowing it was wrong. Strange how most of the Portuguese posters came along AFTER Amaral was sacked from the cse.

    Also the Portuguese posters have never told anyone on the sites that Amaral himself was made an Arguido on the the 4th May 2007, so his judgement was clouded and he had to get this conviction to please those who were investigating him. Amaral should never have been allowed near to that case. Mind you Amaral never visited the crime scene, never interviewed the McCanns, never did any detective work as he was desk bound at all times. He  was a paper shifter, nothing more than that , someone who just collated the evidence, but somehow those Portuguese posters managed to tturn it that he was the lead detective.

  22. Bren, whilst i understand your post above re Laffin, something doesn’t ring true. You protected him and insisted people attack other sites attacking those sites for attacking Laffin.
    Laffin is evil, pure and simple. FFS he threatened to firebomb kids, that is sick, yet he was still allowed on the forum..WHY ??

    I would say any evidence you have against them then either send it to Carter Ruck or to the Police and let them deal with it. You may not be popular, but hey join my club, we ain’t popular because we know what we are doing is right

  23. I have copied this off another site, please bear with me

    Re: Now Brenda Ryan is a complete Pro by rhodes » 11:38 pm Tue Jun 28, 2011

    one Sunday afternoon, she gave the address of the McCanns on the open forum…when challenged she came out with the usual “it’s already in the public domain so why shouldn’t I post it on here”. If memory serves, it was Ellibean asking, the one who accosted Kate McCann in the local supermarket after missing her at her house, the one who had travelled with her partner and young son, to accost the mother of an abducted child. And if Ellibean had been MORE of a fruitloop and attacked/harmed Kate McCann, would good old Bren still be bleating on about what a good person she is?


    So how would you have felt (at that time not now) if Kate had been killed or seriusly harmed by that stalker?

  24. I would have felt awful should Kate have been harmed. Luckily my selfish, foolish, pig-headed way, did not cause Kate any physical harm.  That I am eternally grateful for.  I never knew or even imagined that someone would go to Rothley and try to accost Kate in a supermarket.  Stupidly I never thought at that time people would take any direct action. And again I was wrong to post up their address.

    There is no excuse for allowing Laffin to run riot, but the truth of the matter is towards the end once the second database was released I started to wash my hands of that forum. I had had enough, it was one thing after another. I know that is no excuse, really, but it is the truth.  And I am not saying I am whiter than white, and I never made mistakes because I did.  Those mistakes have cost the McCann family dearly.

    I suppose I started to see things differently just after the leaflet drop.  I did not approve of that and said so. At the time I was a fool, I don’t think it was because I didn’t realise things were right, it was the fact that I choose to ignore.  But it has only been since I gave up running the forums that I started to really read the files thoroughly and without being biased. 

    As for attacking other sites, as I said you get embroiled in the forum wars, they become part of the game, they preoccupy you so much that you forget the objective.  You are lulled into the sense that everyone is out to get you because you don’t agree with them.  You feel as if you are being constantly attacked  for your beliefs and that in turn makes you want to fight back.  I too have had some terrible comments and false allegations said about my family, but the truth is apart from all of that, you can only go on what people tell you.  If people don’t tell you the whole story then you don’t get to know the full facts.

    I suppose I have been questioning some things for quite a while, but I can’t read or speak Portuguese and therefore could not determine if the translation was correct or not. I know I have been questioning things for quite a while as for the exact date I don’t know but it has been quite a few months, could even be coming up for a year.  All I know is that things started to point me in a completely different direction.  It was not an overnight thing, it was gradual, the more I read the more I learnt. And the more I read from various other sites, the more I found myself questioning whether I had got things so wrong.

    What can I send to Carter Ruck, screenshots, I don’t have any of posts made on the 3as by members.  I don’t have IP’s, email addys or anything. Nothing at all that would help any investigation by the Police.  All I have is hearsay, and memories of what people have said. That unfortunately is not evidence. All people will say it is my word against theirs and I don’t have anything to back my word up.

  25. We could go on for ever and a day discussing the past, but nothing I say will change the past.  I made mistakes. I am not the first person in the world to make mistakes and I doubt if I will be the last. But living back in the past is not going to move the future forward.

    No matter what I say or do, there will still be those that will continue to  disbelieve what I have said and there will be those that can see I am speaking the truth and I do regret things.  

    But in the grand scheme of things none of that matters, all that truly matters is finding Madeleine McCann and bringing the person that harmed her to justice so that they can never harm another a child.

    Madeleine McCann is missing and needs to be found, that is what I want to concentrate on, not the past but the future and putting right some of the wrongs and dispel the forum myths that are now repeated day in and day out.

  26. I just write this: I agree with Deuce, besides, if we can expose the crap of te antis, we should also exposed the courage of a person who had the courage of admitting how wrong that person was.

    I agree with this:

    “But in the grand scheme of things none of that matters, all that truly matters is finding Madeleine McCann and bringing the person to justice so that they can never harm another a child.
    Madeleine McCann is missing and needs to be found, that is what I want to concentrate on, not the past but the future and putting right some of the wrongs and dispel the forum myths that are now repeated day in and day out.

    So, enough of criticism against Bren, she admitted with courage. 

    I repeat:


    • To anonymous above:

      So, enough of criticism against Bren, she admitted with courage.

      I would really like to know the person’s name who wrote this.

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