And so the onslaught begins

pistols at dawnI know in the days of old when duels were a common day practice the saying used to be “Pistols at Dawn”.  Well now it seems in the new modern day era the saying changes to “Posters at Dawn”.

Cor never in a million years did I think my post about changing my opinion would reach forums far and wide.  But is has.

Well I have just had a look at my stats and in the secret section of MM (I take it is secret as you have to log in to view) is this thread.

Hypocrite am I?

Well according to a hypocrite is defined as this:

1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

Well with regards to no. 1 nothing false here, at one stage I did think the McCann’s were guilty of something, I even have posted that I thought they could be complicit in the disappearance of their daughter.  I am not going to deny that because that would be a lie then.  But over 4 years and the evidence that has emerged and the way they have continued to keep the search for their daughter going I have changed my opinion.  No way would a guilty person want Scotland Yard or the authorities in Portugal to re-open or even review the case material.

They would not dare ask for this just incase it leads them to a jail sentence. So if the McCann’s are so guilty as some proclaim, why have they continued to fight to get the authorities to review the case with regards to their missing daughter?  And I know my posts in the past must have hurt them tremendously and no amount of “I am sorry’s” will ever take away the pain I caused.

I allowed myself to let my gut feeling take over and let my principle of “everyone is innocent until proven guilty” be pushed aside.  That was wrong.

As regards to no.2, my beliefs are that the McCann’s are not involved in what happened to their daughter, that is not contradicting myself.  I now believe that they played no part in what happened and am posting to that effect.  However, if I was still to believe they were involved and posted the opposite that is being a hypocrite.

Now as for this tweet:

Again you are so, so wrong, never heard from Carter Ruck. If you don’t believe me, then give them a call and tell them you have my permission to ask whether they have written to me or not?

Oh and this one is a classic:

You must care, otherwise you would not have bothered to reply.  Your actions give you away.  Mind you they always have done.

If people want to know the actions of the anti-McCann brigade that have turned my stomach, then I will tell you.

1.  Leafleting the McCann’s neighbourhood and Rothley – I said at the time I disapproved, gave my reasons why and still stand firm behind those reasons.

2.  Standing on High Streets handing out leaflets – that is nothing but stalking, hounding and persecution in my eyes.  How would those that leaflet feel if others stood on other High Streets handing out literature about them?

3.  Taking photographs of homes and work places of people who have shown support to the McCann’s – again how would these people feel, if other people took photos of the homes of their friends and relatives who show support to what these people do?

4.  Writing to various authorities and trying to get the twins removed from the McCann family.  Those children are innocent, they are loved by their parents and they are not at risk.

5.  Abuse anyone on twitter who decides to help the McCann’s or speaks up for them including celebrities, journalists and people who just want Madeleine to be found.

6. Certain people who constantly proclaim that one statement and a possible “might have known him from somewhere” leads them to the conclusion that a person could possibly be a paedophile.   How would you feel if people started to accuse you of being one, yes there have been incidences where my own family have been labelled with nasty tags and it has hurt me tremendously reading those false allegations about the people I love, knowing full well that they are so untrue. So you see I can understand how it must feel to read something about your partner, your husband, your son knowing full well there is no truth in it.

7. Trying to get someone struck off as being a solicitor because of a run-in they had with the local council over planning permission.

8.  Handing out leaflets at the workplace of those involved in this case.

9.  Harassing a sick man?

I don’t approve of outing people, stalking people and making their life a misery.  But I am not going to sit back and sit on my fingers and watch my reputation be tarnished any more.   I have the right to defend myself and defend myself I will.

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