Morals and Principles

moralsRight or Wrong?

Throughout our lives we learn to live by a code.  We learn right from wrong and we hold on dearly to our morals and principles.

Morals and principles taught to us by our parents and close family.  As we venture out into the world we then take it upon ourselves to instil those morals and principles into our own children, hoping that they grow up a better person for it.

Some people unfortunately, lack morals and principles and they don’t care who they hurt, they proclaim they have strong morals and principles yet when push comes to shove they use their morals and principles as a get out of jail free card.

Those people without morals and principles seem to get a self-satisfaction from the amount of hurt they can cause others.  Whilst others proclaim they have morals and principles yet they lack one basic moral and principle that is the foundation on which other morals and principles are based; they allow others to take the blame for what they have said or what they have done.

There are people in this world that will sit back and let others shoulder the blame, the harassment and the nastiness for what they have said.  They will repeat gossip to anyone but then refuse to come out in public and speak the truth.

One moral I was brought up with was the one that was instilled in me from an early age.  My dad always told me “Girl no matter what you do, never let another person take the blame for your actions.”   He then went onto say “I will always stand by you, because I love you and you are my daughter, but I could never stand by you if you never spoke the truth and allowed another person to face the consequences of your actions.”

If I have done something I have confessed and I will always remember my Dad finishing the lecture on “A person who allows another person to take the blame is not doing it because of their morals and principles, they are doing it because they are nothing but a flaming coward. Yes you will lose friends in life, but a true friend would never let you take the wrap for what they have caused.”

Yes over the last 4 years I allowed myself in the past to be swallowed up in the pro-v-anti fight and lost focus of the one thing that was most important, and that was finding Madeleine McCann and finding the person who is to blame for her disappearance.  I was so consumed in the pro-v-anti world that I allowed my own principles and morals to fall by the wayside. Something I am not proud of at all but something that I will have to learn to live with.

How true those words are.  A true friend would value your friendship above anything else and they would do nothing to jeopardise that.  A true friend would never sit back and be a coward.

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