Families of the missing speak out

Peter LawrenceMy heart goes out to them…

I have been following the plight of the missing this week and how they are asking Parliament to help the families of missing people.

Even though Kate McCann openly admits her guilt at leaving her children and the part that played in the disappearance of her beloved daughter Madeleine, you still have to admire her, in respect of her wanting to help others.

I know there are a lot of people critical out there of the McCann family, but Kate McCann did not have to speak out, she does not have to run for Missing People, yet she still does.  She hopes by adding her voice to the many voices from families who are crying out for help, that someone in power will sit-up and listen and help the plight of those who have missing loved ones.

I have been reading the twitter comments about her speech outside Parliament, but Kate McCann was reading a statement not on just her behalf but on behalf of all the families who have missing people.

Today I read what the father of missing Claudia Lawrence said to the media.  Peter Lawrence whose daughter went missing from York in March 2009 said:

“The Government should not underestimate the effect that trying to deal with finances, insurance policies, bank accounts and mortgages of our loved ones has on families already at their lowest possible ebb,” he said. “There is currently no legislation to protect missing people and the families left behind, and most institutions have no system for their clients going missing.”

Earlier Rachel Elias, the sister of Manic Street Preachers guitarist Richey Edwards who went missing in 1995, also spoke to the committee and said that families often face

“a painful struggle against bureaucracy”.

She also urged the Government to

“take some very simple steps to ease unnecessary heartache and confusion”.

We can only hope that this Committee will do something, and it is not until you read about the added bureaucracy that families have to contend with when someone they love goes missing, do you really begin to understand the plight and added emotional stress that is put upon families of missing children when having to deal with their missing loved-ones financial affairs.

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